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Published on April 5th, 2017 | by Ryan Sullivan


17 FSC Cadets Will Soon Be Army Officers

Lakeland, Fla. –

For many seniors, graduation is the light at the end of the tunnel. It’s what they have worked so hard for these past four years, and the first step in accomplishing their career goals.

However, a small group of those seniors in FSC’s Reserve Officer Training Corps (ROTC) department have been dreaming of a different culminating ceremony–a commission into the United States Army as a Second Lieutenant.

The group of 17 senior cadets will become army officers at 10 a.m. May 5 in the Annie Pfeiffer Chapel.

“This is something we’ve been waiting and training for our whole lives and it’s finally here,” Cadet Battalion Commander Tyler Beckman said.

During the past four years, Beckman said the Army has prepared these men and women for this day, from training before sunrise to jumping off a rappel tower. They even spent up to two weeks living in the woods for a simulated combat scenario at Fort Knox.

“Going 16 straight days in the field while sleeping on the ground, and getting little sleep at that, definitely tests your mental toughness, and I think that’s what the army was looking for,” Beckman said.

army 2

(Cadet Cook fires his M16A2 rifle during marksmanship training.)


(Cadets treat a burn victim during combat casualty care training.)


(Cadets load onto a UH-60 Blackhawk for a flight en route to a combat training mission.)

According to the ROTC department, the cadets are trained on battlefield tactics, leadership in the army and some have even gone to training to learn how to jump out of planes and helicopters.

“Although the army has trained us on tactical operations, we’ve all been selected for different jobs within the army,” Cadet Katie Mathis said.

From jobs like field artillery to aviation to the armor corps, Mathis said each cadet will begin their own path after they commission. It might not be the same path as most graduating seniors, but most of the cadets will tell you it’s one they feel called to take.


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