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Published on January 31st, 2017 | by John Magee


Just how effective are FSC’s recycling programs

Florida Southern College has plans to increase its recycling programs, starting with the addition of six new large bins to be placed in important locations around campus.


SGA president Chase Hoyt said that bins will definitely be placed near the Buck Stop, in front of Edge, and Ordway. The other three bins are currently planned to be placed near Annie Pfeiffer chapel, Polk Science building and Branscomb Auditorium, but these locations are subject to change.


A survey was recently put out to FSC students examining their opinions on the recycling program, and many of the responses talked about wanting more recycling bins. When asked if the school’s current recycling programs were sufficient, 86 percent of respondents said “no,” nine percent were “not sure” and four percent said “yes.”


However some people think that adding bins is only the first step. Elise Barnes is a member of Florida Southern’s Nature Enthusiasts club and believes that adding new bins is just the first step the school should be taking.


“Having more opportunities especially in high traffic flow areas will be beneficial but the student body as a whole needs to become more environmentally conscious,” Barnes said. “There needs to be some sort of education that shows why this is so important.”


Suzette Calderon is a FSC student who works for the school collecting what gets dropped off in the recycling bins. According to Calderon, groups of two are given a route of places to stop by and collect the recycling and then take it to the Facilities building where it is then sent out to be sorted and recycled.


According to the survey, one reason people don’t recycle is that the bins available on campus are filled with trash and not recyclables. One particular example of this are the recycling bins outside of the Colony Arms Apartments. Of the six bins near the apartments, five are empty and one is filled with trash.

A bin outside Colony Arms meant for newspaper

A recycle bin filled with regular trash can sometimes be taken to the dump if the recyclable material has been contaminated. Even one particularly greasy piece of trash could ruin an entire bin of recyclable paper.


Beyond adding more bins to the campus starting Jan. 30, SGA will be putting up suggestion boxes around campus for any ideas students have to improve FSC, and the SGA is tabling once a month to talk about sustainability topics, Hoyt said.  


“I think this is a really  positive advancement for the school,” Hoyt said. “Sustainability is definitely something that is important to take seriously, especially for people our age. By beginning to positively shift the mentality on campus hopefully we can help create lasting change on our campus and beyond.”


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