Photo by Faith Miller

Faith Miller | Sept. 15, 2022
Entertainment Editor

On Sept. 9, the Association of Campus Entertainment and Mocs Comedy hosted an Open Night Mic for students to participate in. 

“It was really fun to see people express themselves and transform Tutu’s into a different kind of place,” junior Sierra Robertson said. 

“The vibe was supportive, and the atmosphere was light and comedic, so it was a fun space for people to perform in.” freshmen Kaelyn Benoit said.

The acts varied between poems, songs, and comedic performances from different students, performing covers or their own work.

“Michael’s rendition of 30/90 stuck with me, because everyone was vibing along, and Ian’s performance of Right Brain, Left Brain had the small crowd rolling,”  Benoit said. “Overall, everyone brought the energy and it was super fun” 

“ I loved the comedy acts and that some of the acts performed their original songs/poems. My favorite act would probably have to be the Christian ethics skit. It was so unexpected and fun,” Robertson said. 

Some students were hesitant in attending the event since it was the first of its kind in a long time. 

“I was a bit hesitant when I first heard about open mic night, honestly. My roommate wanted to go so I decided to tag along. I’m so glad I did,” Robertson said. 

Many enjoyed the event and hope for its return in the future. They felt that it was a great way to display student talent within the school in a way they weren’t used to. 

“I think open mic night was definitely a success and should be a reoccurring event! It stands out against all the other events we have on campus,” Robertson said.

A memorable moment for many students from the evening was at the end of the night when a song by One Direction started playing over the speakers as clean up began. Students danced around the room and left the coffee house in groups singing the lyrics. The event allowed students of different grade levels to interact with each other and create new friendships. 


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