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Published on April 12th, 2017 | by John Magee


Are FSC’s Meal Plans Worth the Price?

Florida Southern College has numerous programs to help students around campus including the school’s meal plan, but some students think these plans may be too expensive.

FSC’s meal plans give students meal swipes and points each week, and it is mandatory for all students living on campus to subscribe to a meal plan. The school also makes living on campus a requirement unless the student is living with a parent or guardian within 30 miles of the school, which means a majority of students will be forced to pay for a meal plan to attend FSC.

Aside from the school requiring students to pay for the meal plan, the value of the meal plans is often much less than what it costs. The 20-meal plan which all freshmen are required to take costs $2,252 per semester, but the combined value of the plan is only $1,260.

If a student were to choose the lowest meal plan the school offered them each year, after four years that student would have spent $10,192 on their meal plans alone. However, if that student had paid for the exact same amount of food all on their own it would have only cost them $5,438.

Even with the amount that students spend, sometimes the meal plans alone aren’t enough for students. Freshman musical theater major Daniel Thornton has been particularly busy since the opening of the school play.

“It depends on the week, but most of the time I don’t have enough points,” Thornton said. “I know the past few weeks I’ve been running out of points around Wednesday.”

However, the meal plans are very helpful to some students. Elise Barnes is a junior at FSC and does not have access to a kitchen or a car, so on-campus sources of food are her only choices. Barnes also appreciates that there is a small price difference when paying with points than with cash.

But Barnes still thinks that the school has room to improve their current meal plans and the way they price them.

“Why must my lower meal plan cost more in the caf?” Barnes said. “My money should be worth what it’s worth, not some arbitrary decided upon factor.”


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