Photo courtesy of Haley Eckel

Emma Tallon

Junior Business major and midfielder on the women’s soccer team, Haley Eckel, proves that she is a leader both on the field and in the classroom.

Eckel began her soccer career at four years old in Land O’Lakes, Florida. She always had a passion for the game and the comradery of being able to play on a team with her friends. Throughout her high school soccer career, she led her team to at least twenty-one wins in all four seasons, made the honor roll all four years, and even dabbled in track and field. 

In 2017, Eckel joined the Moccasins on the SSC Commissioners Honor Roll and was a burst of energy for the lady Moccasins. She made five starts and assisted a winning goal, all while continuing to perform above average academically. 

As a sophomore Moccasin in 2018, Eckel continued to prove that she is an invaluable member on the team when she made two starts and had a single shot recorded. Once again, Eckel remained dedicated to keeping the balance between soccer and school. 

Because of her past success academically and in sports, Eckel is confident in her abilities and uses this as an opportunity to motivate her team to victory.

Eckel continues to prove that being a leader as an athlete translates to succeeding in her classes. As a business majoring concentrating in finance, the workload can be daunting, but Eckel makes sure to take time for soccer, school, and her social life. 

When she’s not waking up before dawn for 6am practices, Eckel enjoys playing sand volleyball with her friends. She considers this the perfect free time activity for her because it combines her love of sports and spending time with her friends. 

Eckel has always enjoyed being on a team and cites the comradery and support of her teammates as her reason behind falling in love with the sport.

“My favorite part about plaything this sport is being surrounded by my teammates”, Eckel says.

For Eckel it is important to work together as a team even if you are leading it. Because of this, Eckel makes sure to communicate with her teammates and encourage them to do their best whether they are in the classroom or on the field. 

Recently, Eckel had a great season and could be seen taking action on the field in over seven matches. As her college athletic career wraps up, she is looking forward to creating more wins and memories in her final season next fall.   


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