Thursday, August 6, 2020
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Top six Netflix suggestions for quarantine free time

Nathalie Moreno Now that most of Florida Southern's students are stuck at home for most of the day, people...

Refund checks come out as students face unemployment amidst COVID-19 pandemic

Taylor Wilson Florida Southern students received an email from Dr. Anne B. Kerr on Apr. 1, regarding the status...

Local restaurants offer additional takeout options during safer-at-home order

Sarah Oulman Curbside pickup and delivery options are appearing across Lakeland in an effort to encourage customers to support...

Wellness Center staff weighs in on staying active at home

Jillian Kurtz During this time, the fitness community has discovered new ways to keep encouraging others to be active...
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Twenty Seven owner encourages people to stay at home and shop online

Abby McHenry Small business owners have had to limit hours or close altogether due to Coronavirus concerns. Jenna O’Brien,...