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Published on January 31st, 2017 | by Jennell Retamar


Cafeteria Offers New Choices and More Food Services

Concerned Florida Southern students can now be at ease because there’s a newly-formed Food Committee working with Guest Services.

The Student Government Association assembled the committee this past November in order to increase communication between Guest Services and students to provide a better dining experience for everyone.

“We have been trying to increase options in the cafeteria and around campus,” Chase Hoyt, Committee Chair, said. “We hope to continue to have this partnership between SGA and Guest Services from year to year.”

Every month, a group of students from SGA meet with key members of Guest Services and discuss ways for dining services on campus to improve.

So far, the committee has talked about trying new recipes and mixing up the menu. It has been able to extend the breakfast hours during the week until 10:30 a.m., and they were able to have the Wrap and Roll station opened every other Sunday.

“Students eat at Wynee’s Bistro regularly and each week we want to try and feature a different sandwich or wrap,” Lisa Cullins, Dining Room Manager, said. “We would like to give them a new option to try and we hope that this will encourage more traffic to our Wrap N’ Roll station and get everyone used to looking for our special.”

Last week’s featured sandwich was a roast beef wrap with avocado and lime dressing. This week’s special is a turkey sandwich on Texas Toast with a cranberry and cream cheese spread.

Wynee’s Bistro also serves gluten-free bread, pastas and meat. According to Tim Raible, Director of Food Services, they have been serving gluten-free food for a few years now.

“There used to be four or five students that had a gluten-free allergy a couple years ago, but now there are students who are on a gluten-free diet along with those who do have the allergy,” Raible said. “Now there are an upwards of 45 students that eat gluten-free foods out of Wynee’s.”

Those who have allergies such as gluten, soy or those who have chosen a vegan or vegetarian diet can ask for a specialized dinner at the Portabello’s line.

“We try to make an entree for those who are vegan or vegetarian, we used to do 20-25 portions of a certain meal, now we are doing 50 portions of the main entree,” Raible said.

Another new choice the cafeteria has to offer is the smoothie bar located at the World Tour section, where students can grab a smoothie and go. Students are able to customize any type of smoothie from oatmeal to mangoes, and you can even have a personalized acai bowl.

The cafeteria even offers a Student Smoothie of the Week, which features a student and their favorite smoothie.

The cafeteria also has catered nights where they partner up with local fast-food chains to bring students more variety. In the past, there has been Moe’s and Chick-fil-A, and now Guest Services is working on bringing other restaurant chains into the mix.

Next month, students will be able to enjoy a themed night and another “Chick-fil-A Night” in Wynee’s.

If you have any comments, questions or suggestions on making campus dining better, contact Tim Raible at



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