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Published on April 5th, 2017 | by Chris Settineri


Campus Drinking at Florida Southern

College is a time for self discovery and personal development. It is also a time where many students have found themselves drinking down a “Natty Light” at 2 a.m. with a bunch of people they just met.

While many people choose not to drink, or better control their drinking, it is estimated that 39 percent of college students between the ages of 18-24 binge drink regularly. This according to a 2013 study done by National Institute of Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism.


At Florida Southern, a technically dry campus, drinking on campus is banned. Other schools have taken different approaches to dealing with the drinking habits of college students.

USF’s policy states, “We recognize that as part of a well-planned and structured program, the serving and consumption of alcohol may take place. Therefore, the intent of this policy is to establish guidelines and procedures for the legal and responsible use of alcohol.”

At some schools, alcohol can even be bought and delivered right to a dormitory room door. Although these schools also separate housing for students who are over 21, most schools allow for some type of alcohol on campus.

Compared to these schools, Florida Southern’s policy on alcohol is unique and, according to some, outdated.

“I think the schools policy against any alcohol on campus is a bit outdated. I find it ridiculous that I could be reprimanded and removed from my on campus housing for having a beer in my fridge,” senior Anthony Sergi said.

Even some faculty agree with this view.

“This campus would be a much safer place for students if instead of having to leave campus to drink and party, they could have fun here in a more controlled environment,” an anonymous FSC faculty member said.


Florida Southern students historically frequented a bar north of campus called Kau Kau Koner. “Kaus” was the hotspot for Florida Southern students on Thursday and Saturday nights.

However, in early 2016 the bar closed. A Florida Southern student was tragically killed in an accident while walking back from the bar. He was underage and had been consuming alcohol.

“We were the place to be for generations of students that passed through our front doors on Thursday and Saturday nights,” Larry Kebberly, owner of Kau Kau Koner, said. “We were a place where people came together and had a good time. We are sad about the events that ensued and are grateful for our years serving the Lakeland community.”

After the incident, many students stopped going to the bar and it eventually closed. Many have argued this incident is a reason the school should relax its policy regarding campus drinking. Supporters of this change argue that on-campus drinking creates a safer environment for students as they do not need to leave the safety of campus to party or drink.


“No one supports binge or underage drinking, and I am not saying that being in college is an excuse to make poor drinking decisions…but making believe that drinking does not happen in college is just ignorant,” senior Alex Rogers said. “You have a bunch of young adults getting their first taste of freedom away from home, of course they are going to have a few drinks.”

While other places have now become more popular as hotspots for local students, alcohol on campus is still one of Florida Southern’s most enforced policies.



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