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Published on March 22nd, 2017 | by Kyle Shatto


Campus issues answered in SGA Elections

Student Government Association elections are underway on the Florida Southern College campus.

Students have the chance to have their voices heard in electing the executive board for the 2017-2018 school year. The positions that are up for vote are President, Executive Vice President, Vice President of Finance, Vice President of Academics, Secretary, Vice President of Community Service and Public Relations, and Vice President of Campus Entertainment.

“It is important for students to vote because it sets the agenda of what gets done around campus for the next year,” said Tyler Hillier, candidate for President. “The school and student government work together on behalf of the students, so it is important you elect people who care about the same issues as you if you want to see a change.”

There are also two senior awards that are on the ballot to be voted on by students. The Agnus Johnson Award and the James Rogers award recognize a male and female senior who have had an impact on the Florida Southern College campus over the last four years.

Candidates have been campaigning to students for the executive positions for the last week and a half. There are many ways to find out candidate views on issues on campus, including the SGA Instagram, where they have done candidate highlights.

“A lot of times, students are unable to see the full extent of what SGA does, such as dozens of meetings the SGA president has with the school administrators each semester, polling senators in order to collect data relating to new student initiatives, and planning and organizing events that will occur on campus,” said candidate for Vice President of Finance Patrick Webb. “SGA also financially assists student organizations when they are moving forward on ways to be of better assistance to those clubs on all fronts.”

The candidates for each position are the following:

  • President- Caitlyn Johnson and Tyler Hillier
  • Executive Vice President- Natalie Barton
  • Vice President of Finance- Patrick Webb and Bradley Denault
  • Vice President of Academics- Tim Doyle
  • Vice President of Community Service and Public Relations- Mark Haver, Megan Hartley, Nina Hoyt, and Jacklyn Washington
  • Secretary- Cassie Livingston and Greg Imhoff
  • James Rogers Award- Joseph Alter, Joey Artega, Chase Hoyt, Kyle Shatto, and Tyler Philolius
  • Agnus Johnson Award- Grace Diaz, Madi Henderson, Elise Pullen, and Jessica Finocchiaro

Elections conclude on March 22 at midnight. The results from the elections will be announced at the annual Honors Celebration, an award night to recognize many students across campus on April 5.

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