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Moe’s with a group of friends that consistently go. I joined this group of Moe’s devotees mostly for the company of good friends, and partly for a well-priced meal of $5.

Although I enjoyed these Mondays with my friends, I often felt unfulfilled after my Moe’s Mondays. Greasy burritos and slimy queso cheese. This couldn’t be all that Tex Mex had to offer.

And then it all changed on a Thursday night in November when a friend of mine took me to Chipotle.

I am an extremely sensory-oriented person. When I go out to eat, which isn’t often, I expect my dinning experience to appeal to all of my senses. Chipotle did just that for me.

The clean and industrial design of the building appealed to me right away. I felt relaxed and visually drawn to my surroundings as opposed to Moe’s, where I felt overwhelmed by the bright, blaring posters.

The employees smiled at me and pleasantly said hello. There was no vicious, headache inducing “Welcome      to Moe’s.”

At the counter, I stood examining the menu, realizing I was taking awhile. I looked up at my future burrito maker, and said:

“Sorry, it’s my first time.”

He smiled reassuringly and said:

“Take all the time you need.”

Seriously, what considerate people.

I looked down in front of me to see a variety of brightly colored ingredients just waiting for me to combine into warm flour tortilla.

After doing some research I learned that all of Chipotle’s ingredients are organic, family farmed and free of added hormones. As a dominantly organic eater, my heart filled with delight.

I was most impressed with the freshness and variety of ingredients. Chipotle does not just stop with chicken and steak, but also includes baracoa and carnitas, two traditionally Spanish meats. Extra points were gained for embracing cultural traditions.

The uniqueness of these items instantly tantalized my adventurous pallet. Oh, the possibilities.

On to the cilantro-lime rice. Yes, that’s right, cilantro-lime! What’s classier than that? Yeah, not much.

Did I mention the four different choices of salsa available for every salsa      lover’s needs?

Finally, I sat down to enjoy my carnita, fajita vegetable, pinto bean, cilantro-lime rice, cheese, guacamole, sour cream and tomatillo-red chili salsa stuffed burrito.

The sweet and tangy smells wafted towards my nose as my stomach began to growl, and then it happened.

I took my first bite. My taste buds burst as the juniper berry flavor of the carnitas intertwined with hints of cilantro and lime.

A smile spread across my face as I stared lovingly at my flour tortilla that acted as a blanket to keep all the delectable ingredients warm.

Forget the save your money deals. I don’t want a $5 and I’m done meal. I want a quality experience that all of my senses will fully thank me for.

Not to mention I feel completely shameless consuming a meal that lacks excessive, artery clogging preservatives.

Since that day, I have been devoted to Chipotle. We had a special connection in that corner table, my burrito and I.

It would never even cross my mind to cheat on such a fine specimen with some greasy scam named Moe.


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