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Published on April 18th, 2017 | by Adrianna Cole


Fannin Center becomes sanctuary for students

As Dead Week starts to roll around, clubs and organizations are enjoying their last meetings or events of the semester.

The library and Tutu’s become packed with people who have not slept in days and are on their fifth cup of coffee. But one spot in the center of campus is a beacon for a few students to concentrate and not stress out.

“It’s quiet, and I love it,” junior Brett Bucklin said. “I love being able to work on homework and chill there.”

The Fannin Campus Ministry Center looks and feels like home to students involved in Campus Ministries. The Chaplain’s Office is in the building, and some students even hang out in there to talk to Administrative Assistant Adrienne Eason.

“I never noticed until finals week how many people actually use this space to study,” Eason said. “It was really cool to see, and I want everyone to feel welcomed to hang out or study here.”

Eason said she loves being around students and getting to talk to them. Junior Allison Navarro said she loves talking to Eason and other Chaplain Staff.

Navarro said she does not like to study in Fannin because she can’t concentrate. She said she always finds someone she knows, and it distracts her from getting her work done.

“It really takes away my stress walking into Fannin and seeing people I know,” Navarro said. “Even though I can’t get my work done, at least the couches are super comfortable.”

The Fannin Center hosts multiple organizations such as Wesley Fellowship, Hillel, Upper Room, TZeDeK and Sandwich Ministries.


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