By Morgan Swem

Lake Hollingsworth is always busy on a Saturday morning, but the hustle and bustle on the lake this past weekend was even greater than usual.

The Balance Culture took advantage of the beautiful weather and offered a free yoga class by Lake Hollingsworth and anyone was welcome to attend. Students, mothers and children all gathered at Lake Hollingsworth to bask in the sunshine and do yoga with friends and family.

As you walked to the lake, they had you sign-in and asked if you had visited their studio or were a member. If this was the first time that you had taken a class with the studio, even a free class, they gave you a voucher for any free class at their studio.

The studio provided yoga mats for those attending that didn’t have their own, but they urged you to bring your own if you had one. Once everyone had signed in and found a spot they conducted a one hour yoga session. They did a variety of yoga breathing exercises, stretching and yoga poses. The poses were all family friendly and something that someone at any age can do. The class gave you an inside look into some of the classes that they offer at their studio.

“It is such a great way to start off the morning. It’s always nice take a second and slow down,” Florida Southern student Olivia Collins said.

On top of yoga, they also had The Juice Box at the event giving away free samples. The Juice Box is a local café in Lakeland that specializes in healthy foods and juices. They offer a wide variety of sandwiches, smoothies, salads, juice and other options. They cater to those who are vegan or gluten free.

The juice box had a stand near the entrance of the event. They were handing out samples of some of their juice products and provided menus and pricing sheets about their products. The Juice Box works closely with The Balance Culture and even provides a discount for those who have the yearly pass to The Balance Culture.

The Balance Culture is a women’s fitness studio that offers a variety of classes to choose from, including yoga, Pilates, barre, kickboxing and even boot camp. They also offer private classes, community events and health coaching classes.

Pricing ranges on what type of class you want to do and how often you would like to participate in them. It is $10 for a single class and $20 for a week membership. With the week membership, you can participate in as many classes as you would like for that week. Private sessions are $55 while health coaching classes are $60 a class. The studio also offers a year membership for $60 a month.

The studio does recognize that college students are short on money, so they offer a discount for students. For students, a single class in only $7. They also offer a student discount on year memberships, which is $40 a month.

The Balance Culture studio is located at 1035 S. Florida Ave. in Lakeland in the Dixieland Plaza.

This isn’t the first time that The Balance Culture has offered free yoga at Lake Hollingsworth and it won’t be the last. They have done it in the past and according to the instructors they plan to do it around four times a year. This was the first event of this type that they have done this year, so they will offer free yoga at the lake about three more times in 2017.

When they do have these events, they inform the public of it via Facebook. They create a Facebook page and they post the date, time and location of the next event. If this is something you are interested in, follow them on Facebook and be on the lookout for their events page popping up in the near future.


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