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Published on April 5th, 2017 | by John Cote


FSC’s Learning Beyond the Classroom

Florida Southern’s new passport program for freshmen has multiple categories encouraging students to get passport credits. The most interesting one, and maybe most controversial, is the “learning beyond the classroom” category.

Clubs on campus can host events and when they register they can apply for their event to be considered a passport program. TZeDeK, a social justice club that works on promoting awareness and education of human trafficking, gained approval  for their screening of the unrated documentary “Tricked.

Trickedis a documentary about human trafficking in America, something the average college student may not be too concerned about.

“I thought it was very interesting and very eye opening. I was surprised at how many people in the U.S. were affected by it,” senior Haley Seward said.

According to the film, 20.9 million people are victims of human trafficking around the world today.

The documentary follows real accounts from previous sex workers and even interviews pimps that are still at large. It shows how girls as young as 12 are forced into sex work and the overarching public opinion regarding prostitution.

“We want to bring awareness and education so that we can encourage others to fight for those who can not fight for themselves, “ President of TZeDek Alex Kleinmann said.

TZeDek partners with multiple organizations in the Lakeland community including Top Buttons, Take Heart Africa, Into the Jordan ministries and A21.

By making the screening a learning beyond the classroom credit, the event received more publicity and increased attendance. Kleinmann said there was almost double the amount of people at this past event than at the clubs other events.

Another learning beyond the classroom event was an all-day lecture about free speech and a screening of the film “Can We Take a Joke.

The lecture looked at free speech today and asked if our right to free speech was at risk. The film confronts  controversial topics about political correctness and challenges the viewer to think about what society will be like when we can no longer take a joke.

These two controversial documentaries bring up important social issues that all college students can weigh in on. By screening these films, Florida Southern is effectively bringing to light issues the younger generation can deal with and provides a safe space to discuss them.

Along with controversial documentaries, Florida Southern has guest lecture series that inform students on a variety of different topics.

Most recently, FSC hosted a lecture called “Emporiophobia: How to roll back the demonizing of free markets.” This changes the pattern of the last “learning outside the classroom” events.

This lecture was lead by Paul H. Rubin, and looked at why many people dislike and fear markets, and why they are the “most efficient institution for increasing human welfare.”


All the documentaries and lecture series are open to all students, not just students in the major, and freshman are encouraged to go because it fulfills a passport requirement.

Whether it be through controversial documentaries or lecture series that tackle a wide spread misunderstanding, Florida Southern effectively installed a series of events that will educate and promote social awareness better than any convocation speaker that spoke in the past.



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