So another show has been added to Netflix. But why is everyone so obsessed with a show that ended seven years ago?

As someone who owns all the seven seasons of the show Gilmore Girls, it seems with this show being added to the Netflix queue, that I am not alone in my obsession. The show is not only cleverly written, but it takes viewers on a journey in the life of a mother and daughter duo and their relationships through the daughter’s (Rory’s) high school and college years. Whether you can see yourself as a Rory, a Lorelai, a Sookie, an Emily, a Lane, a Paris, or you can see your significant other as a Dean, a Jess, a Max, a Richard, a Logan, a Luke, a Jason, or a Christopher, there are enough characters that every woman who watches the show has some character that she can relate to.

Gilmore Girls does have a very large fan base and CNN said, “Netflix’s announcement is a huge win for the die-hard fans, who will no longer have to cycle through DVDs the way Lorelai mainlines coffee. This’ll be far less labor intensive, although no less time-consuming.”

So you never watched the show, you might be thinking why should I start watching it, and if you have already watched every episode, you might also be wonder why should you watch it again?

FSC Senior Olivia Francis said, “I love Gilmore Girls because it was a great example for me in many of my formative years on what it was to be a strong independent woman. It was also a show that showed feminist movement is not about putting men down it’s about bringing women up to the same standard and she did that by naming her daughter after her. Overall, it was and still is a show that is great for a teenage girl to learn from and grow with. Not to mention they had an awesome dictionary of their own wordisms! “[pullquote]Netflix’s announcement is a huge win for the die-hard fans[/pullquote]”

Although I could list probably around a few hundred reasons why to watch the show, here are just a few: (1) seeing Melissa McCarthy pre-Bridesmaids is a must. She is funny, but it is more light-hearted and sweet and she will make you fall in love with her in a new way. (2) Every girl has a different favorite Gilmore Girls man, but whichever man you fall in love with on the show, they are plentiful and each have their own unique virtues that make them relatable to almost every man you ever have and ever will date. And (3) watching Rory go through high school and college and even take time off of school is one of the most comforting things ever as a 20-year-old college kid. Knowing that all the weird life twist and turns that she endures are relatable to almost all women who watch the show gives us all solace in the fact that we are not alone, especially when we have a best friend and mom like Lorelai to fall back on.

For me though the number one reason I keep going back to watch the show over and over again is the beautiful mother-daughter-best friend relationship between Lorelai and Rory. My mother and I have been told that we are just like the “Gilmore girls,” and that is about the best complement we have ever been given. They showed us that our relationship as best friends first and mother-daughter second is not weird, but something that is special and beautiful and worth celebrating.

So whatever your reason is for watching, Gilmore Girls needs to be added to your must-watch list on Netflix because enough with the excuses already and just watch the show!