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Published on April 11th, 2017 | by Morgan Swem


Going Greek might be going off campus

For a small college with around 2,500 students, Greek life is taking over Florida Southern’s Campus.

Every year at Florida Southern College the number of students rises. With the gradual rise of students, the organizations on campus seem to continually grow as well, especially Florida Southern’s Greek life.

“In my opinion, sorority Greek life has grown,” Panhellenic President Carly Bengry said. “In the past two years, we have had enough women participate in formal recruitment that led us to the decision to bring another chapter onto campus.”

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This past year the school voted on bringing a new sorority to campus in two years to help with sustaining the number of girls going through sorority recruitment. Due to such an upward trend of girls going through recruitment, the school brought Tri Delta to campus earlier than originally planned.

Now with seven sororities on campus and the number of girls rushing continuing to rise, FSC’s new concern is where to put them during recruitment. School administration and Panhellenic are talking about the possibility of moving formal recruitment off campus in the fall. It has not been fully decided if recruitment will be held off-campus, but it was mentioned that there is a high possibility of it happening. If it does not happen this year, it will in the near future.


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Moving recruitment off campus brings up a lot of questions and concerns. There are questions surrounding payment and locations of venues, as well as transportation off campus to the events.

I do not know what would happen with venue payment. This idea is still on the drawing table,” Bengry said.

Another question that comes into play is how late each night of recruitment will last. A concern of many faculty members on FSC campus is how members skip class during recruitment week. If recruitment is held off campus, it will cause members to get home even later.

“It would cause a lot of extra stress,” Vice President of Recruitment for Alpha Chi Omega Jamie O’Rourke said. “We might have to make a position to figure out carpooling for the chapter, but at least we would have decent rooms.”

Though having recruitment off campus may bring new challenges, it will also help make recruitment easier in numerous ways. It is extremely hard to find rooms big enough to hold each chapter on campus. Many times chapters get assigned rooms that are too small and don’t fit all of their members, let alone the girls going through recruitment.

“The biggest challenges we are facing are space and transparency,” Bengry said. “There are limited number of spaces on our campus that can hold between 70 to 90 women which is becoming an issue when holding chapter meetings or sisterhood events here on campus. Transparency is also becoming more difficult because the more people we try to give information to, then the more information is lost in the process.”

Another problem for chapters on campus is having to switch rooms last minute. If an event like a wedding comes up, the school will give the paying customer the room and the students will have to switch rooms last minute. This is a problem because chapters plan decorations and table set ups to fit each room.

“Last year the room we were in flooded the day before we needed it,” O’Rourke said. “We were not sure where we were going to be until an hour before we were allowed in to set up.”

Though the idea of having recruitment off campus is not yet official, it is clear that changes towards recruitment will be coming. Panhellenic has already changed having week-long recruitment to a three-day recruitment. Whatever FSC and Panhellenic decide on will be in the best interest of Greek life.

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