David Tomchinsky 

Contributing Writer 


Senior Katie Hammerer has earned numerous honors and awards during her time as goalie for the women’s lacrosse team. Before her final season, she has been named a favorite to win the goalie of the year award.

If Hammerer does win, she will have won the award for her second season in a row.

Last year, Hammerer received the Intercollegiate Women’s Lacrosse Coaches Association Division II C. Markland Goalie of The Year award. The IWLCA has picked Hammerer as the favorite to win the award once again.

Hammerer is extremely grateful to be awarded with such high recognition.

“It’s one of the biggest honors I could possibly have going into my last season,” Hammerer said. “I have worked so hard for the last four years and it has all come together.”

Hammerer has played lacrosse since she was ten years old, but not always as  a goalie.

“I was an attacker, but I dabbled in goalie every once in a while,” Hammerer said. “The JV coach told me I wouldn’t make the team if I played the field, [and] they were looking for a backup goalie. It was the best decision I ever made.”

Hammerer has had an impressive career as goalie for Florida Southern College. Last season, the team captain ranked sixth in Division II with a .515 save percentage. She was a first-team All American, MVP, and won the Athletic Directors Scholar-Athlete award for women’s lacrosse.

Last fall and into the preseason, Hammerer has been struggling with a few injuries. Regardless of her health, Hammerer says that she always stays focused and concentrates on working hard to get better.

“I make sure to go into practice ready to give it my all and I have a lot of mental preparation,” Hammerer said. “Being injured is tough on the brain more than the body when coming back into the season.”

Hammerer is staying focused on getting healthy and knows how she wants to end her career at FSC. Her awards are something that she wants to hold onto.

“It’s tough to keep the award that every goalie is vying for,” Hammerer said. “But I want to keep my title.”

Along with her personal achievements, in just its third season the women’s lacrosse team is ranked 12th in the latest preseason rankings.

Hammerer is proud of her individual honors, but puts her team before anything.

“Our obvious goal is to win a national championship,” Hammerer said. “But other than that we want to grow as a team and develop more recognition in the lacrosse community.”


Photo courtesy of fscmocs.com