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Published on April 4th, 2017 | by Morgan Swem


Holiday meal plan cuts may not be cutting it

Living in a dorm without a kitchen or a way to make meals is stressful enough without meal plans being cut before breaks and holidays. One of the biggest inconveniences for students at Florida Southern College is having their meal plan cut in half when there are four-day weeks.

On holidays such as Good Friday or Martin Luther King Day, the school tends to cut points…and not just by a little.

In a recent survey polling students among the Florida Southern campus,  when asked the question “How do you feel with losing points and swipes for weeks with holidays,” 82.35 percent of students answered, “I don’t like it.”

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According to the Florida Southern College website, the freshman meal plan, or the 20-meal plan, allows students to receive six swipes and 55 points a week. It is the highest meal plan option. The second highest meal plan, the 15-meal plan, gives students five swipes and 46 points. The 10-meal plan receives three swipes and 40 points and the 5-meal plan receives 34 points and no swipes a week.

The full week meal plan barely gets you through the week if you strategically plan it out, so when you take away a good amount of points and swipes for losing one day of the week it can make getting enough to eat tough.

Though the amount of swipes and points varies depending on what meal plan the student is on, 42.86 percent of students answered “I normally run out,” when asked “Do you normally have enough points or swipes to get you through the week when they cut the meal plans?”

Losing swipes and points for weeks that still have four days causes a lot of problems for students living on campus. It makes it more difficult to eat since you have to save your points all week in anticipation for this cut.

It causes students to eat off campus, in order to satisfy their hunger, which is hard to do on a strict budget. It also causes an additional problem for students who don’t have cars on campus. According to the survey, 28.57 percent of students don’t have a car on campus and therefore can’t easily eat elsewhere.

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We pay enough to still get our full meal plan,” an anonymous source answered on the survey. “If they feel the need to cut our meal plan, don’t cut it so drastically. I only get three swipes a week, so don’t cut two of them.”

Another student understands losing points and swipes when we don’t have a full week, but thinks the school should take away less meals to make it more proportional to the days we don’t have school.

“Maybe they should still prorate the meal plan, but take away fewer points,” another anonymous survey respondent said.

Though it is clear that taking away points and swipes for four day weeks is an unneeded stress for students, it is something that is not changing for now.

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