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Published on February 7th, 2017 | by Emily Goldberg


FSC students struggle to host events

Florida Southern College is home to more than 80 different clubs and organizations. Among these organizations are Greek Life, interest clubs, honor societies and intramurals.


In order for organizations to host their own events at their preferred location with the right equipment, food, electronics, etc., the event must be approved through Mocsync, the college’s online portal for accessing all upcoming events and master calendars.


Mocsync is a way for students to stay connected through organizations, communicate with other members and stay up-to-date on campus happenings and events. Students are able to browse organizations and view every event that is scheduled to occur on campus, all on Mocsync.


The process of getting events approved on Mocsync has been heavily discussed among frustrated students and staff members since August of this academic year. While the actual process of inputting event requests and filling out all of the necessary forms seems quite easy, it has left students more than exasperated, waiting for their events to get approved.


“It has been an incredibly stressful experience trying to get events approved the past few years,” senior Darby Frankfurth said. “Last semester, even if I was constantly asking about event approval, I wouldn’t get any response until almost a day before the planned event and then it’s almost too late to scramble to get what the administrators needed for the events to go on.”


In a recent survey of 50 Florida Southern students, 87 percent of students admitted that they have had an event approved after its scheduled date.

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The Center for Student Involvement oversees Mocsync and event approval, with Brittany Donatelli in charge as Director of Student Involvement. The rest of the CSI team consists of Assistant Dean of Student Development Mike Crawford, Administrative Assistant Lee Amundson, newly hired Program Coordinator Sara Ellis, and Graduate Assistant for Student Activities Anthony Woodside.


Students looking to input an event simply enter the date and time of the event they want to take place and their top three choices for locations on campus. This is where the confusion seems to come in.


“My organizations have put in event requests months in advance, only to have the event denied the week of the event, even the day of one time,” senior Jessie Finocchairo said. “I know my organization has had one time where we had to do sorority ritual in a room (not on our top 3 preferred spaces) and had someone walk in to get to her office mid-ritual. It was frustrating, but we kind of just had to make it work.”


Before student organizations host an event, the event must get approved by three people, Brittany Donatelli, Sara Ellis and Lee Amundson. If the event requires electrical equipment, then Stephen Bell must approve it as well.


Mocsync offers an option to notify the faculty in attempt to speed up the event approval process. If the scheduled event date is approaching, students are able to post messages or notifications that alert the CSI team to remind them that they need to approve the event.


The same survey showed that 58 percent of people who are part of an organization that inputs events on Mocsync aren’t aware that this notification option even exists. But 38 percent of people are using this option and aren’t getting any better results by doing so.

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According to Finocchiaro, if an organization hosts an event without going through Mocsync and waiting for events to get approved, the organization risks receiving a fine. Out of the 40 respondents who answered the question, “Have you ever held or have been part of an organization that held an event while the request on Mocsync was still “pending?”, 82 percent answered yes. Without these event approvals, organizations struggle to meet the requirements necessary to properly run their clubs.


An anonymous source has notified faculty higher-up than CSI on the matter and was not authorized to comment at this time.


The Center for Student Involvement staff has yet to comment.


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