Two divas release new material, but only one will come out the champion

Katy Brown
Staff Writer

Two of Hollywood’s biggest pop stars, Katy Perry and Lady Gaga, are now household names. Both of these quirky, fun-loving females are known for their confidence and uniqueness, and these traits are what makes so many people love and admire them. These two alpha-females are everywhere, from the front covers of magazines, to radio stations, to TV shows. Their publicity is only growing upon the release of their new albums.
Perry released her sophomore album, “Teenage Dream,” back in 2010, when she was only 25. Five of the album’s tracks were No. 1 singles on Billboard’s Hot 100. The album’s themes of euphoria, independence and summer fun related to such a large audience, allowing them to fall in love not only with “Teenage Dream” but with Perry as well.
At age 29, Perry released “Prism” on Oct. 22. She had to work extremely hard to live up to the success of “Teenage Dream,” and also the hype and anticipation of “Prism.” With age comes maturity, and “Prism” is a prime example of this. This album not only contains candy-colored fun tracks, but also something much deeper from an artist striving to tell her full story.
“The lyrics are very exact and autobiographical. That’s how I write,” Perry told Entertainment Weekly in early Oct.
The thirteenth track, “By the Grace of God,” demonstrates this most clearly. It’s not the club-banger her fans are used to, but its emotional content is crucial for anyone trying to comprehend the mindset of “Prism.”
“You can hear me finding my strength throughout the song,” Perry said to Entertainment Weekly, “[The track] starts off really low and then I kind of stand up for myself and say, ‘No!’’’
Perry went on to explain how the track exemplifies her divorce with husband, Russell Brand.
Perry also shared her feelings about her current relationship with John Mayer in “Unconditionally.”  This track portrays her confidence in her new relationship. 
“Roar” is Perry’s eighth No. 1 Hot Billboard single, and the most popular track off of “Prism.” It exemplifies the empowerment Perry strives to portray throughout this album, but in the fun, upbeat, catchy way she’s known for.
Juicy J is featured on “Dark Horse,” one of the album’s few club-bangers. Although this track also contains the theme of female-empowerment, Perry portrays it in a more seductive way here.
Lady Gaga’s newest album, “Artpop,” was released Nov. 11. The 27-year-old has a lot to live up to with this album, due to the fame her previous albums, “Fame” and “Born This Way” brought her. Gaga is not only a world famous pop star who’s received numerous Grammys and MTV Music Video Awards, she also is a very influential advocate for LGBT rights, so much so that Forbes has placed her on their “The World’s 100 Most Influential Women” from 2010-2013.
“Artpop” discusses controversial topics such as sex, drugs, lust, God, fame and creativity. With this, Gaga offers fans her most carefully created and lyrically diverse album to date. “Artpop” is imperfect, but so is its creator. And I believe that’s what Gaga is trying to portray.
Top 40 hit “Applause” is Gaga’s first hit track off the album. As a typical Gaga creation, she takes a basic concept and transforms it into a catchy, creative club-hit that you just can’t get out of your head.
Gaga heats things up on “Artpop” and slyly incorporates sex metaphors into many of the album’s songs. This can best be seen in the smoky-hot tracks of “Venus,” “Sex Dreams” and “Jewels & Drugs.” “Venus” is actually the first track Gaga has produced herself, according to Billboard.
“Do What U Want,” featuring infamous R&B singer R. Kelly, is Gaga’s second biggest hit off the track. Embodying the theme of sex and empowerment, Gaga chants “Do what you want/with my body” throughout the track.
There’s no doubt both Perry and Gaga’s new albums will have them still comfortably sitting at the top of Hollywood’s hot-list of alpha females.
Both females proved their dominance in pop culture through their various tracks. Perry shows her fans her softer, more emotional side through “Prism,” while Gaga heats things up and shows fans her more risqué side with “Artpop.”
So, who wins the diva-off? If you ask me, I think Lady Gaga deserves the crown. Her diva side definitely shines through the dominance and creativity that “Artpop” radiates.