The Florida Southern College women’s basketball team has a lot to look forward to, from its new head coach, Holly Borchers, to new recruits, to the news of a game being nationally televised on the CBS Sports Network.

FSC women’s basketball has been included in what is known as the CBS Sports Network NCAA Division II Basketball Game-of-the-Week package in an upcoming game against Nova Southeastern. This will be the first home game being broadcast for FSC.

The NCAA looks for men’s and women’s Division II basketball and football teams to feature on television. The CBS Sports Network is the sponsor of these broadcasts, and according to school administrators, Game-of-the-Week is primarily associated with college athletics to showcase small college campus basketball.

FSC is one of 14 teams chosen to be broadcast as part of the Division II Basketball Game-of-the-Week.

“I think it’s fun for the players because people from back home can watch the players,” Borchers said. “I think it’s great for our school because Florida Southern will be featured on national television. People can get a feeling of what it’s like at Florida Southern.”

Another important figure involved in the broadcast and athletics program is Director of Athletics and Dean of Wellness Pete Meyer. He said he has made a smooth transition from baseball coach to organizing 19 NCAA-sponsored sports.

“Dealing with people is the best part of my job,” Meyer said. “I love the coaches, I love to be involved, and I love to talk to the kids. This is giving me the opportunity to talk to the coaches that are excited as opposed to just a handful of the baseball players.”

Meyer’s program is considered to be one of the most successful in the nation in Division II athletics.

“We were one that people were going to look at because of the success we’ve had over the years,” Meyer said. “It worked out with what the NCAA Division II was looking for.”

After being chosen by Meyer to lead the program, Borchers was excited to start off the season right, with a close-knit team and vigorous practice routine. Borchers has been assistant coach to Jarrod Olson for the past 10 years. She says she feels as if she has always been involved, and not much has changed since taking over as head coach.

“Holly was Jarrod’s right-hand person, so she watched the construction and the rebuilding,” Meyer said. “There’s a motherly instinct that she has. It changes the perspective, and she can continue to build on what they develop as a team prior to her taking over.”

Borchers says players make her job easy by putting in a good effort and having the right attitude.

“[Borchers] has an easy-going personality with a lot of energy. She really lightens up the mood, and we’re excited to play for her,” Melanie Ducott, senior guard, said.

Senior forward Kirstin McIntyre is also excited about the upcoming season.

“I like that [Borchers] knows the game, and you want to play for her,” McIntyre said. “I feel proud and I am anticipating the new season. [Borchers] teaches us how to perform well, and with the broadcast, we can represent FSC.”

With the basketball game being broadcast on national television, it will give viewers a look into the lives of FSC students, and a sense of what the campus and spirit is like.

“It’s a live broadcast,” Meyer said. “This is in our home gym, on our campus, which puts our logo on everybody’s TV that day. It’s an opportunity to highlight the campus and the community. I want to get a good crowd for the game.”

Not only is the staff excited about the national broadcast, but the players are just as excited.

“The news that we are going to be broadcast means a lot to us. We are so excited,” Ducott said.

Borchers and Meyer seemed to have similar goals in mind: to win, and to work as a team.

“I want them to win,” Meyer said. “Those coaches and those athletes want to win as bad as I do. They understand what Florida Southern is all about, and the success that we’ve had.”

“I want us to get a little bit better with every game,” Borchers said. “It will take a while, but as long as they have the right attitude, it should be a fun year.”

The CBS Sports Network game against Nova Southeastern will tip off at noon on Feb. 9.


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