Abbey Williams

Staff Writer

Coming into the new season the Florida Southern Lady Mocs said they are ready to take on the spring with more dedication than ever having prepared and worked hard for months after the pre-season.

The girls stated they are currently preparing for their home tournament at Grasslands Country Club. Teams come from all around to compete in this tournament February 16-17.

“I am most excited for the Lady Moc invitational because it’s my home course, my senior year, and I’m ready to play well at my last home tournament,” Senior Emily Rymer said. ranks Rymer as number seven in Division II golf. She has been ranked in the top 10 for the past two years now.

Rymer also said has been dedicated to her golf game since freshman year when she came to Florida Southern and did the bare minimum and didn’t succeed her full potential.

She explained that shortly after that she proceeded into the next year working as hard as she could to prepare for her next season and get her game to where she wanted it to be to help the team out as much as possible.

The Lady Moc team has nine players, which consist of one senior, five juniors, one sophomore and two freshmen. They compete in a total of eight tournaments in the spring season.

“All of the tournaments are great. I can’t wait to play in Kiawah, South Carolina. It’s our first tournament and it’s a new course I’ve never played, but have heard great things about it,” Junior Shannon McKew said.

McKew said she walked on the team as a freshman not knowing if she would even make the team. She constantly works on her game to improve for the chance to qualify for tournaments.

She explained it’s great feeling to work hard for something and receive it instead of not doing anything and have it handed to her.

The team stated they love being a part of a group that is supportive, competitive, and makes each other push to their full potential. Everyone learns something new from each member of the team the girls specified.

Coach Robbie Davis said he is excited for all the tournaments and to see what the team does this season. He knows everyone has the game to play well, but it’s what happens on the course that really matters.

The Lady Mocs agreed they are proud to be a-part of such an amazing team and are ready to succeed in this spring season.