Photo by Mariah Tsipouras-Clark

Isabella Gargiulo

While fans have  the chance to experience their favorite artists performing live again after two years, there have been some changes and regulations made in order to adjust to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

Artists such as the Jonas Brothers and Harry Styles made their longly anticipated tour returns on Aug. 20 and Sept. 24 in Las Vegas, Nevada. Those who bought tickets to the highly popular and sold out shows had to present either a negative COVID-19 test or a valid COVID-19 vaccination card.  When Harry Styles held his “Love On Tour” at Amalie Arena in Tampa, Florida, sophomore Gabby Vazquez was comfortable with the restrictions set in place that made the concert a memorable yet safe experience.

“However, I wasn’t too worried or stressed while I was there since everyone attending had to have proof of a negative COVID-19 test or be fully vaccinated, as well as wear masks in the arena,” Vazquez said.

There were restrictions set in place for Harry Styles’ “Love On Tour” concerts that eased worried fans about the pandemic, but the Jonas Brothers regulations had some fans nervous about their concert experience. 

“It was a little nerve-racking at first because nobody was wearing a mask. Masks were recommended but not required. It ended up being super fun and it was nice to return to some sort of normalcy,” senior Mariah Tsipouras-Clark said. 

With the new regulations set in place for concerts, fans are still hopeful and excited for what the new concert experience will be like from this point forward. Fans still are ecstatic in what the future brings when it comes to their favorite artists performing right in front of them.

“Well considering that I practically worship the man, there wasn’t a moment I wouldn’t consider a highlight or memorable experience,” Vazquez said. 

“But one of my favorite moments was hearing him sing ‘What Makes You Beautiful’ by One Direction. It was such a cool thing to see him pay homage to his 1D days, and it gave me a taste of what it would’ve been like to see the boys in concert,” Vazquez said.

Fans were able to also experience special reveals while at the concert, such as gender reveals and birthdays.

“They did a gender reveal on stage that was super cool to experience. It was a girl,” Tsipouras-Clark said. 

Fans are hoping other artists take on the new regulations as seen in both Harry Styles’ and the Jonas Brothers concerts, but still remain grateful their favorite artists are slowly making their return back to the stage and normalcy.


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