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Published on April 29th, 2017 | by Chris Settineri


March For Science Lakeland

The March for Science is a rally for the support and advancement of science and its industry.
Participants from around the country joined marches in support of science.
Names like Bill Nye and other popular scientists and scholars gathered in Washington DC to support global warming awareness and scientific advancement
In Lakeland Amy Lee Pritchard of Florida Southern College led the march.
“Science is important, it’s how we explore advance and better ourselves. I think it’s sad that the current administration fails to recognize the importance of scientific work and research,” Prichard said.
Many agreed with her that President Trump is being hostile toward the scientific community.
“President Trump outright rejects the idea of global warming calling it a Chinese hoax when it is in fact a very real and very dangerous thing, that kind of an attitude in the White House is toxic,” Luis Rivera said.
Others though have a different view. “I think science is very important, and I think Trump’s doing a great job at separating the fact from the fiction. I’m in full support of marching and rallying for science and it’s community but I want to make sure it’s not in vain,” Anthony Sergi said.
While many people appeared to have different views, they were all there in support of the scientific community rallying for its political and public support.
There was a lot of anti-Trump rhetoric between participants, but in many ways the president has been hostile to the scientific process so it is understandable.
Overall the march went very well with supporters from all areas of the scientific community showing up and rallying for the rights and advancement of science in today’s world.

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