By Morgan Swem

Abigail Farrow is diamond in the rough here on Florida Southern campus. Abby has been involved in almost every organization on campus and is a friendly and familiar face to freshmen and seniors alike.

Abby is the head resident advisor of Nicholas Hall and has been an RA in Nicholas and Wesley Hall for the last three years prior to becoming head RA.

“I think it’s my Florida Southern claim to fame, being the only person to live in Nicolas or Wesley hall for all four years,” Farrow said. “I don’t know who else has done that.”

Abby has been involved in numerous organizations on campus throughout her short time here at FSC. She is a member of Zeta Tau Alpha, a Resident Advisor, a Southern Ambassador, a member of the National Honor Society, Panhellenic, Omicron Delta Kappa and is in numerous science clubs and honor societies.

Not only has Abby been heavily involved on campus, she also has held leadership positions in many of the organizations with which she has been involved. She acted as the Vice President of Judicial Affairs for Panhellenic, she acted as treasurer and parents and alumni chair for Zeta Tau Alpha, she holds the position of Public Relations officer of the Honors College, she has acted as the student representative on the academic standards and improvement committee and she’s the Vice President of ODK.

Being so involved is a lot to handle but Abby is so thankful to be a part of everything she with which she was able to be involved.

Abby is thankful for the leadership positions she was able to hold on campus. They helped shape her future in a big way. They taught her to get out of her comfort zone, try new things and help her learn time management.

“In all my interviews we talked a lot about my leadership positions on campus,” Abby said. “They want people who can be part of a team.”

Being so involved and making so many friends has provided Abby with many wonderful opportunities and memories. Through her over-involvement in the school she has gotten to partake in many wonderful experiences. Her internships with rhinos and her Junior Journey trip are two of her favorite experiences that FSC has graciously given her.

“One of my favorite experiences at FSC was going to the Galapagos Island for my junior journey,” Abby said. “We got to snorkel and do research on the island and if that’s not a scientist’s dream, I don’t know what is.”

All of the positions that Abby has been able to hold and the opportunities that Florida Southern has given her has provided her with the necessary skills for life after college.

“I also learned that I really loved taking leadership positions because it really challenged myself and helped me step out of my comfort zone,” Abby said.

Upon graduation, Abby will be attending Auburn Veterinarian School. She is also in the process of applying for a duel-degree program. She wants to get her doctorate in veterinarian medicine and her master’s in public health. Abby would be taking online class through the University of Minnesota, while attending classes at Auburn University.

Abby is most interested in the environmental and disease side of public veterinarian health and hopes to study diseases and relationships between humans, the environment and animals.

“If I could change anything about the past four years, it would be to make it five,” Abby joked.

Though Abby is sad to be leaving she encourages people to get involved while at FSC. Her advice to those wanting to get involved on campus is to simply try new things.

“Step out of your comfort zone, try and take a leadership position in an honor society or a club that’s not in your major,” Abby said.  “Do something that challenges you and pushes you. It’s worth it.”


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