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Published on March 29th, 2017 | by John Cote


Meet Your New SGA Executive Board for 2017!

The Student Government Association just finished another election season filling all the executive positions at Florida Southern.

Here are the positions and their newly elected officers along with some tips from the previous position holders.


Caitlyn Johnson won the big seat in the election this spring. As president she will be responsible for almost everything SGA does, whether it be holding executive board meetings, meeting weekly with the student government adviser and other staff, or making sure the funds of SGA are spent in a manner that benefits the entire student body. 

Though being president has its heavy load responsibilities, it also has its rewards. According to the SGA bylaws, the president gets to pick any single room on campus to live in and receives a $1000 stipend each semester.

The previous president, Chase Hoyt, offered some advice to Johnson about filling the presidential shoes.

“Remember what SGA is. We are elected to advocate for our peers and we must always have that in our mind,” Hoyt said.

SGA has recently advocated for more recycling on campus and has worked to add new food options to the students’ daily menus. Johnson has a different issue in mind that she wants to tackle.

“I really want to work on communication between the administration and the students, most specifically safety,” Johnson said.

Vice Presidents

The SGA here at Florida Southern has four Vice Presidents: executive Vice President, academic Vice President, Vice President of finance and Vice President of community and public relations. The newly elected vice presidents are Natalie Barton, Tim Doyle, Patrick Webb and Mark Haver respectively.

The previous Vice Presidents had lots of advice to give to the newly elected officials.

“Understand the diversity of organizations on this campus, help them when needed and they will help you in return,” previous executive Vice President Joey Arteaga said.

Some of the obligations of the executive Vice President include recommending changes in campus life and act as the permanent head of the service and sustainability committee. The executive Vice President also receives a $500 stipend per semester.

The academic Vice President also receives this stipend but his/her job focuses more on the academia of the college.

“My goal is to create an academic showcase day in which students who are either undecided or unsure about their major are able to explore the different academic focuses Florida Southern has to offer,” Doyle said.

The Vice President of finance, now Patrick Webb, is in charge of monitoring SGA’s spending and meets with the college Vice President of finance every week. This position also receives a $750 stipend. How does one person handle all that spending?

“Stay organized, have patience with administrators and try to be as informative as possible to organizations that reach out to you,” previous Vice President of finance Lindsey English said.

Organization helps when it comes to signing off on receipts and knowing who purchased what for the budget.

For external affairs, the Vice President of community and public relations is called. This position requires the elected officer to be responsible for all off-campus notices and communications as well as the publicity for SGA.

Newly elected Vice President of community and public relations, Mark Haver, said he wants to digitalize the student suggestion boxes and try to get more students volunteering around the Lakeland community.

“I would like to see a lot of changes…I would like to see the SGA website more prominent,” Haver said.

Haver wants to improve communications between SGA and the students and try to get more people to vote in each election.



The newly elected secretary is Greg Imhoff. He looks forward to giving back to the community and making a difference as a newly elected SGA senator. If there is one thing he wants to accomplish during his term it’s “more students using Mocsync more often,” Imhoff said.

Previous secretary, Tim Doyle, advised that the new secretary hold the other officers accountable when it comes to attendance and missing meetings.

“Stay organized and knowledgeable with the new initiatives,” Doyle said.

The newly elected officials take office on April 5. For a full list of the duties of each position, download and read the SGA by-laws that can be found on Mocsync.

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