Samantha Paul

Staff Writer

The Florida Southern men’s basketball team won the national championship game in Evansville, Indiana. Evansville is about a 14 hour drive away, but that didn’t stop the die-hard Moccasin fans.

For the championship game, the stands behind the FSC bench were packed. There were about 50 students who took the school sponsored bus to the game, and there were many more who drove or flew there separately to support the team.

“It was a great big mess of school spirit,” said Ryan Parry, a freshman who went to support the team at all the games.

“Everyone was in red or painted red,” said freshman Jenna Williams. “People were handing out pom-poms, glow sticks, and red beads.”

“The energy was so charged and it’s great to see the whole school united behind these boys who truly deserve to have made it this far,” said cheerleader Lindsey Settlemire.

The crowd was very lively throughout the entire game, but after the final buzzer, the fans got their chance to celebrate with the national champions.

“Seeing the look of happiness in the players’ eyes really showed how much it meant to them,” Parry said about the celebrating with the team.

“It was awesome getting to watch them accomplish something so big and knowing you had a small role in it by being there and cheering them on,” Williams said. “It was well worth the 14 hour bus ride.”


Photo by Bethany Schram