Sophia Gonzalez

Florida Southern’s Multicultural Student Council (MSC) will be hosting a variety of events throughout the month of February in honor of Black History Month.

The first event was on Feb. 4, and it showcased the Rhythm Architects, a family of musicians from the Central Florida area that play African-styled instruments. During the event, students gathered at the Fannin Center and had an interactive experience.

Students were allowed to play with the instruments as well as have an open session where the usage and make of different instruments were explained.

Throughout the event, the group also elaborated on the reasons why the different sounds that the instruments make gives them satisfaction when properly played and why they are passionate about these instruments.

The purpose of this event was for students to be able to learn how different cultures make music. “It’s definitely a fun and learning experience, especially in music,” MSC president Uso Okonkwo said.

As of right now, there are three more events planned for the rest of Black History Month.

The next event will be the showing and discussion of the movie The Hate You Give on Feb. 15 at the Simmons Center. This movie highlights the struggles of a black teenager as she navigates between her poor neighborhood and prep school trying to balance her life in two different environments.  

After that, the following event is on Feb. 20 at the Simmons Center as well. MSC will be hosting a listening party. Throughout this event, students will listen to their favorite artists and discuss the music that they listen to. This event is meant to educate students on today’s culture by diving deeper into the meaning of current music.

The last event will be on Feb. 25, and it will be an open mic night. That night, students will be able to showcase their own talents by sharing their personal poems and songs with other peers.   

Caroline Bedenbaugh, the Public Relations officer of MSC, stated that the event that she’s the most excited about is the movie night, and she believes that other students are excited about it as well. She said that she was excited the most about this event because she hasn’t seen the movie, and other students have told her that they haven’t seen the movie yet either.

When asked about what she expected students to gain from the movie she said that “the discussion afterwards will provoke some really thoughtful conversation.”

These events are meant to gather student involvement by, not only educating the students, but by making the experience enjoyable as well. All of the events will cater food and refreshments and count towards a Service and Diversity Passport credit.

Bedenbaugh said that based on attendance last year, she’s expecting a good turnout this year as well. She also believes that these events are worthwhile for students.

Besta Emelle, a freshman who recently attended the kickoff said that she had a fun night.

“I had a hands on experience where I was able to play with the different instruments,” Emelle said. On top of that, Emelle stated that she was able to have the privilege to learn about music and instruments used throughout the world.

“I think that by coming to these events students will gain a fun experience and a new perspective through discussion with other students,” Bedenbaugh said.



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