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Published on February 14th, 2017 | by Emily Goldberg


New campus ambassadors spread Lakeland love

If you want to stay up to date on all things happening in Lakeland, look no further than But what if you have people all around you who have the same knowledge of the city as the website but it doesn’t require you to do anything but look at your phone?

YLakeland has started a new campus ambassador program this year that allows college students to act as a liaison between their school and new happenings in the city.

Florida Southern College has three college ambassadors, one of them is sophomore Business Administration and Economics/Finance double major Payton Duwe.

“Working for YLakeland so far has been great,” Duwe said. “I love Lakeland and having a job that requires me to promote all of the things that I love, is perfect.”

Before becoming an ambassador, Duwe had to be recommended by faculty or administration from the college. After she got an email inviting her to apply, she went in for an interview. She instantly fell in love with the job and was ecstatic to learn that she was one of the 10 students selected to help found the program.

The guidelines for being a YLakeland Ambassador are quite simple. Each week Duwe highlights a popular Lakeland restaurant, shop, store or event over her own social media profiles. There is no certain regulation for the caption, but it must include the hashtag, #ylakeland. Each ambassador is required to post at least twice a week.

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Another responsibility Duwe faces is promoting Lakeland throughout Florida Southern. She receives 5 “Surprise & Delights” during the semester. She identifies 5 people who are either new to Lakeland or who don’t venture off campus and present them with a $5 gift card to a local small business such as Black and Brew or Concord Coffee. Duwe is also responsible for hanging up flyers all around campus to promote events and restaurants.

One of Duwe’s favorite responsibilities of being an ambassador are the event outings. As an ambassador, she is given a stipend to bring five students to different events around Lakeland. These events could include everything from First Friday to the Farmers Market to the Silver Moon Drive-In. All she needs to do is to post a picture with them and include the hashtag.


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“I’m going to try to bring a different group of people each time, not just my friends, and I want to go to places that I haven’t been to either,” Duwe said. “There’s so much in Lakeland, and this is a great way to experience everything it has.

Duwe said that this new program has already impacted Florida Southern’s campus, and she can’t wait to help encourage more students to get out and explore everything Lakeland has to offer.

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