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Published on January 24th, 2017 | by Morgan Swem


FSC fraternity rides the bull for Talbot House

The brothers of Alpha Gamma Rho held their first philanthropy event in three years this past Friday.

Alpha Gamma Rho is a fraternity on campus that is composed of only 11 members. It is the smallest fraternity on campus and have not been very active the last couple of years.

“I’m so happy Alpha Gamma Rho brought the event back. I went my freshman year and it was a blast. It honestly brings light to their philanthropy in a fun way,” Senior Darby Frankfurth said. “I’m happy to see that they’re starting to have a real presence on campus again.”

The event featured a speaker, a food truck and a mechanical bull riding contest to raise money for the homeless. The competition had two different categories, one was for teams and one was for single riders.

A total of ten teams competed in the group competition: Alpha Chi Omega, Alpha Delta Pi, Zeta Tau Alpha, Gamma Phi Beta, Kappa Delta, Pi Kappa Phi and Theta Chi. Teams were composed of six members and all six scores were added up to form one time. The goal was to have the best time and was determined by how long each participant stayed on the bull.

Awards were given to teams who had the top three combined scores.  Theta Chi won an award for having the most members participating at the event. Pi Kappa Phi came in third-place, Alpha Delta Pi finished in second, and Kappa Delta took home first-place in the group competition. They also had seven single riders that rode the bull, but were not in the competition.

All the proceeds from the event went to Alpha Gamma Rho’s local philanthropy The Talbot House Ministries. The Talbot House helps the homeless and poor in Polk County. They provide them with food, housing opportunities, and employment training programs. The goal of the Talbot House is not only to help those in need, but to help them create a life for themselves.

Putting on such an event is very hard to do, especially with so few members. There was also speculation if the event was going to be allowed to take place. The Panhellenic Council had to vote on the event, and there were rumors of it possibly being cancelled for various reasons. Though the event was stressful to put together, the outcome was worth it.

“They had a really good turnout at the event and it was really entertaining to watch,” junior Allison Badgley said.

Not only did those attending enjoy the event, but it meant a lot to the members of Alpha Gamma Rho to bring the event back and be involved on campus again.

“This event meant the world to me. Putting in all the time and effort to make it happen was all worth it to see it come together, but there is no way the event could have taken place without the help of my brothers,” President of Alpha Gamma Rho Conor Peters said.  “We do plan on having the event again, and we already have ideas on how make it even better in the future.”

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