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Published on March 22nd, 2017 | by Adrianna Cole


Proposed Budget Does More Good than Harm

The 2018 Federal Budget is in the process of being approved, but not everyone is content with the proposed cuts the Trump administration wants to make.

According to the proposal released from the Office of Management and Budget, three departments, including the budget for defense spending, would increase. In turn, 15 departments funding are proposed to be reduced, while 19 will be completely liquidated.

The EPA, USDA and Department of Health face cuts of at least 18 percent, while the National Endowment for the Arts and Humanities face elimination of funding.

This does sound rash on paper, especially when we look at all the numbers; however, spending millions to fund useless projects is just as reckless. Departments may see a cut in funding such as the USDA and EPA don’t really use their resources as responsibly as they should.

The EPA is responsible for several oil spills, such as Durango, Colo. when they released mine waste in the Animas River, turning it orange. According to CNN, the city was in a state of emergency and locals could not find access to clean drinking water.

Moreover, the USDA was set up for the good of the American people but has fallen into conflicts of interest, putting dollar bills over the well being of the population.

Established in 1862, the Department of Agriculture was set up to help farmers by promoting their foods. It comes out with the food pyramid many elementary school kids do projects on, but here’s the problem, the servings of wheat and grains vastly outweighs the minimum requirement of fruits, vegetables and protein.

Remember that special day when Congress declared pizza a vegetable? Yeah, that was the USDA. A food distribution company in Minnesota called Schwan Food Co. is the country’s largest supplier of pizza for schools, and due to the Healthy Hunger-free Kids Act, their pizza would not pass the test to be served, which would have been a tremendous blow. To “fix” this situation, the USDA decided to declare pizza a vegetable in order for the company to be prosperous, stating the tomato paste is what qualified it.

If these are the decisions this department makes toward our health, what’s to say their contribution is benefiting us?

Now, I understand the importance of some departments this administration proposed to cut funds. These cuts could potentially destroy any support for vocational schools or fields. However, the cuts this budget makes to the bigger departments that hurt us more than they help, is worth the heartache.


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