Photo by Sam Odom -- The Band Pangolin performs their song “Muerte Por Tacos” at the Lakeland Punk Rock Flea Market Vol: 2 hosted by Swan Brewing on Sept. 29.

Sam Odom

Swan Brewing hosted the Punk Rock Flea Market Vol: 2 on Sunday Sept. 29. The event began at 12 p.m. and ended at 6 p.m.

This event, as indicated by the Vol:2, is the second consecutive year the event was held. The first Punk Rock Flea Market was held March 24th. This year’s event promised more than the previous year, as the number of vendors went from over twenty to over 40 vendors this year.

One vendor, Josh Sullivan, the creator of joshcomics, came from St. Petersburg. Fla. to the event. He related a serendipitous story about how he saw his neighbor from St. Petersburg at this event.

“I found out more about my neighbor than I had ever before thanks to this event,” Sullivan said.

Sullivan sells $1 comics he makes for fun, as well as an impressive collection of fun patches and enamel pins. Sullivan was more than happy to praise the Punk Rock Flea Market, and compared it to other events he’s been a part of.

“The other event I went to I only sold $10 worth of stuff. This event has more people and it has the right vibe for my store,” Sullivan said. 

Erin Snyder, another vendor and the creator of Sugarless, seemed to share Sullivan’s appreciation for the remarkable event and the special creators contributing.

“This is the best little-known show with the most unique things” said Synder, emphasizing the distinctive style and products of each vendor present at the event.

Unique indeed, the event’s unconventional ambiance was a collaborative effort. The small businesses made up a majority of the event, providing many things to look at. 

Swan Brewing provided beer, and the food truck lineup included Jimmy’s Famous Seafood Express, Nah Dogs and Tikiz Shaved Ice.

Another important part of the event was the music. The bands included The Paperback Whale, Butch Queen & The Bad Habits, All Ages, Judi & The Outsiders, The Damnsels, Pangolin. Pangolin in particular has a very interesting song called “Muerte Por Tacos”. Some of the lyrics are as follows:

“Beef and cheddar

put em together

add in some peppers and you know there’s nothing better baby.”

The band’s love of tacos blasted through speakers that faced the vendors and bustling customers. The cherry on top, or maybe, cheese on top of this taco love song was the addition of a taco backup dancer.

As the band declared the chorus of “Taco, taco, taco -o-o-o”, a man dressed as a taco with Mickey Mouse gloves gave the performance of his life as he jumped up and down with vigor. 

The Punk Rock Flea Market Vol. 2 cultivated an experience where nontraditional artistry is valued and businesses and musiciations are provided a direct audience.

“It was a unique event that appealed to a totally different demographic than the typical flea/farmers market,” senior Jean Howell said. “I really appreciated all the stands with the original art by local artists. Just walking through for 7-10 minutes I bumped into 3 friends, it was cool to see so many people come out to the event!”

This event was about celebrating being different, and embracing the eccentric qualities of punk rock culture. One could sense the admiration for the event as people joyfully interacted with vendors and listened to the live music.



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