Queen Moc – How to handle a crappy week


Have you ever had a week where absolutely nothing went your way? Technical difficulties, academic struggle, work issues, social disaster, a shattered relationship, or more? All of the above?

What can you do to make it better? Here are 10 de-stress self-care tips.

  1. Use a face mask. The definition of self-care, there is nothing a face mask cannot fix. You might as well stop reading now.
  2. Exercise. They all say this helps, but honestly being sweaty makes me unhappy. You do you.
  3. Eat an entire family-sized bag of chips. The barbecue chips provide the best sense of peace. Also, the potatoes in your stomach will make you feel whole inside.
  4. Turn on a fake candle and spray Febreeze. Most websites suggest burning a calming scented candle, but we all know Mr. and Mrs. Moc would NEVER allow it, so please use my advised alternative.
  5. Take a deep breath. Just one.
  6. Write in a journal. Start a journal, and then stop writing in it after three days, and then start again in a year.
  7. Write a gratitude list. 10 things that you’re thankful for that are going right. Something has to be going your way, right? Wrong. You only have three things to be thankful for. Running water, electricity, and sweet Rachel Poole at the Grillmaster.
  8. Put on a positive song. I recommend ‘Boom Boom Pow’ by the Black Eyed Peas.
  9. Hang out with family. Go spend some quality time with your racist uncle and your great aunt that has dementia.
  10. Laugh. In public. About nothing. Alone. Feeling like a lunatic really helps you re-center after a bad week.

It will get better, I promise.

Queen Moc


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