Queen Moc – New, healthy options at FSC


This past Thursday, SGA announced Tutu’s Cyber Cafe will finally be serving organic ice cubes.

After months of work, SGA Vice President of Academics Greg Imhoff succeeded in his mission to provide locally-grown ice to the student body. All beverages at Tutu’s Cyber Cafe will be served with locally-grown, organic, and GMO-free ice. The students are thrilled.

“I think it’s great that FSC is being so health conscious in this choice,” said Bryant Manning, local health expert.

“I’m glad it’ll finally be GMO-free. It’s about time,” shared Natalie Barton, SGA President.

“All the other colleges in the area have switched to organic; I’m glad FSC is on board,” explained Reems Landreth, a junior.

“The organic ice is better in my dirty chai,” Sam Bowling, a senior, confessed.

Things could not be better here at FSC. Go try the ice, it’s great.

Queen Moc


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