Florida Southern’s Association for Campus Entertainment recently added a new event series to the already jam-packed Scholars Weekend events.

After the scholars are picked up by their hosts at 9 p.m., they have the option of attending a new event hosted by ACE.

The first event in the series featured a concert by the Boston a cappella group Overboard, who performed on Friday Jan. 25 to students and scholars alike.

“I thought their performance was absolutely amazing,” Jeremy Bixson, sophomore, said. “The way that they arranged the songs was awesome. It allowed students to experience what a capella is, and how many different sounds can be recreated with the human voice is amazing.”

The group started out as all male, but after meeting female tenor Johanna “Jo” Vinson on the NBC television show “The Sing-Off,” the group asked her to join them.

The other four current members include Nick Girard, Caleb Whelden, Donovan Davis and other former “The Sing-Off” contestant Eric Morrissey.

To hear the group’s music or find out more information about the group, log on to their website at  http://www.overboardvocals.com

Everyone thought it was a hit performance by Overboard, including scholar Erin Johnson.

“The performance was great! They really blended their voices well together and kept it interesting throughout the show,” Johnson said.

By the last song, most of the audience had joined the group on stage dancing along.

“It was a brilliant performance,” Briana Hill, freshman, said. “I personally loved the base [Donovan Davis] best, but how the whole group engaged with audience was great.”

Members of ACE were pleased that the concert turned out to have so many students and scholars in attendance and that Overboard played a diverse mix of songs.

For the next Scholars Weekend event, ACE has a “Big Kid Night” in the works. The event will take place on Friday Feb. 15 at 9 p.m. There will be food, drink, games, jousting and a rock wall.

ACE hopes to see even more students and scholars in attendance at the next event.


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