Silver Moon Drive-In will be hosting events during the month of October for Halloween, ranging from movie marathons, a kids’ themed weekend and horror events. 

After being in the community for 70 years, locals were glad to hear that the company has continued to host these events despite the pandemic, and feel that it will be a great way to get out of the house.

“The dead don’t die…and neither does Halloween at The Moon” Silver Moon posted on their Facebook page. 

To start off the season, the company hosted an event titled “Howl @ the Moon” Night on Oct. 1. This event was a movie marathon, giving guests two options for what movies they would like to watch. One side of the lot showed a monster movie marathon, including “Dracula” from 1931, “Frankenstein” from 1931, “Wolfman” from 1941, “Frankenstein Meets Wolfman” and “Creature from the Black Lagoon.” The second line up was a “thrills and chills” marathon, featuring “Us,” “Get Out,” “The Thing,” “American Werewolf in London” and “The Purge.”

Freshman Emily Starling stated that she was “planning on going to the thrillers” marathon and that she is “most excited to see the Purge or Get Out” with her friends.

The next event the company hosted was its “4-Kids Weekend.” This began on Oct. 2 and lasted until Oct. 8.

The business featured two double features, one playing on each side of the lot. The first double feature were the films  “Casper” and “The Ghost and Mr. Chicken”. The second double feature that played on the other side of the lot  included “Hotel Transylvania” and “Goosebumps” from 2015. 

Silver Moon Drive-In will be hosting Tampa Bay’s Rocky Horror Live Cast and will be presenting “Hell on Heels.” The event will take place on October 10 and last from 10:30 until midnight. 

This will be a live show and even though this event is already sold out online, Silver Moon has announced that some spaces will be available the night of. These spaces are first come first serve.

During certain adult horror films throughout the month, including the marathons, Silver Moon will also be hosting “scare zones.” These will be areas roped off on the lot where actors will be set up as an opportunity for guests to go through and have an extra chance to be scared.. This is, however, not required of guests attending the show, just an option that is available.

The business will be hosting several other halloween themed movies throughout the month of October including “It,” “Dawn of the Dead,” “Hocus Pocus,” “CoCo,” several installments of “The Purge” franchise and many more. Unless stated otherwise, tickets are two dollars for those under the age of ten, and six dollars for ages ten and up.

For more information on these events and purchasing tickets, visit or the businesses Facebook page under “Silver Moon Drive-In.” 


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