Jillian Kurtz

At Student Government Association’s semesterly Town Hall meeting held on March 13, Florida Southern administrators addressed the official Steak ‘n Shake contract as well a potential mobile application through the safety department.

Additional information regarding the addition of Steak ‘n Shake was commented on by Director of Food Services, Tim Raible. The location of the franchise has been confirmed to be in the place of the current cycling studio and 24 hour room.

“We have the official signed contract from Steak ‘n Shake and the first preliminary design,” Raible said. “The hope will be that we can get all the work done during the summer so it will be open for the start of school.”

At the last Town Hall on Nov. 7, the possibility of Steak ‘n Shake was announced. In a follow up article on Feb. 16, the Southern reported that the Terrace Cafe was the most likely location, but that has since changed.

Raible also announced that the walkway outside of Wynee’s Bistro will be screened in and outdoor seating will be available.

Another dining question was raised inquiring how the yellow rice was cooked at locations across campus.

“I assume you’re talking about the rice at the Buck Stop and it does have a chicken base,” Raible said.

A question was posed regarding the new addition of requiring tickets for graduation and the potential of switching locations of the ceremony for future commencements. Dr. Anne Kerr asked students in attendance if they would be interested in having graduation in Orlando or Tampa in an effort to alleviate the need for tickets. More students responded that they’d rather keep the event local.

Vice President of Finance and Administration Terry Dennis responded to a question regarding the Student Health Center and announced the change in staffing and the new partnership with Lakeland Regional Health Systems. More information on this can be found here.

Director of Safety and Security Bill Carew stated the potential to add a mobile application as an addition to the safety department. This app would possibly replace the current safety key fob. A follow up question was asked regarding what would happen in the case of no service or if your phone was dead. Carew responded that the details and kinks are still being worked out.

The event counted towards the School Pride passport credit for students in attendance.


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