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Published on March 29th, 2017 | by Emily Goldberg


Student reactions not so ‘magical’ over Pride week

This year Florida Southern strayed away from their typical homecoming week and started a new tradition, Mocs Pride Week.

In years past, homecoming week consisted of teams gathering together to hold spirit events for students, alumni events and participated in major events such as Southern Takeover and Founder’s Day Convocation. Traditionally teams could be comprised of Greek organizations, service organizations, or any group of students who wanted to form a team.

This year, Florida Southern got rid of the typical homecoming week and instead implemented Silver Mocs, Gold Mocs week and Mocs Pride week, separating the alumni events and student focused events from each other.

The Silver Mocs week occurred on Feb. 3 and the Gold Mocs week is set to occur this upcoming week.

Hosted by the Association of Campus Entertainment, the theme for Mocs Pride Week this year was Harry Potter. ACE set different rules for the registration of the week. According to the registration form that was listed on MocSync, “there will be no association with organizations. This is a stipulation this year so that any prizes can be awarded directly to the student and not the organization.” Team names couldn’t even include an organization name.

According to a member of the Mocs Pride Committee of ACE, attendance numbers were lower than last year’s numbers, which she says could be a result of the new changes.

“It’s very possible that this could be a reason why numbers are down. We also moved the week from right after spring break to one week after spring break. That may have been a factor as well,” sophomore Emily Wainio-Oato said.

A recent survey of Florida Southern students was sent out analyzing the attendance of each event and any reasons why people may not have attended these events. Of the respondents, 85.79 percent say that they didn’t attend any of the three events. Of that 85.79 percent, 39.28 said they didn’t have enough time to attend 18.4 said that they didn’t want to attend.

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Some students who anonymously answered the survey left comments. A lot of them revolved around the idea of separating the events from alumni events.

“They did not let fraternities make teams, they left it all up to individuals to try and organize. If my fraternity had a team, I would have been able to participate in the events I was able to make,” one student said.

Another claimed, “They changed a lot and I think that if they kept it with the alumni events, more people would have gone.”

Others thought differently.

“I think that the intent behind the non-organization based team rule was excellent. While Mocs Pride wants to acknowledge its wonderful and active Greek community, they wanted to allow all students, affiliated and otherwise, a fair chance to participate and win,” Wainio-Oato said.

In the same survey, 44.16 percent of respondents answered “It wasn’t important to me” to the question, “If you were not a part of a team, why not?”

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What was drastically changed from years past that caused many people not to participate?

“I think it is at a bad time in the semester. Besides myself, I know a lot of people were busy with school work and couldn’t give up the time to participate completely,” sophomore Becca Rowe said. “My only suggestion would be to have it earlier in the semester when people aren’t as busy with classes.”

ACE will send out a satisfaction survey regarding Mocs Pride Week soon. If you have any comments or concerns about next year’s events, please contact a member of ACE.


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