Student spotlight: Brandon Giczewski, Pike Consultant


Abby McHenry

Brandon Giczewski, a senior and member of the Pi Kappa Alpha (Pike) fraternity, has been selected to work as a chapter consultant at the fraternity’s memorial headquarters.

Giczewski will be responsible for starting at least one chapter and picking 20-25 chapters in a region to visit this year.  One of these regions, for example, is the Great Plains region which includes Colorado, Wyoming, Oregon and more.

Through his experiences as a member in Pike, he was able to go to seven leadership conferences and met many people who work at the memorial headquarters in Memphis, Tenn. These individuals encouraged Giczewski to look into the opportunities they had for staff after seeing the work he had put into becoming a better leader.

After attending these conferences, Giczewski was invited to a prospective staff lunch to meet the staff and get more insight on the consultant job. Brandon then got a phone interview and was later flown to Memphis for the weekend where he spent an entire day interviewing and touring the city.  Giczewski is most excited about traveling and meeting people from different places.

“The average consultant for Pike will travel to about 25 schools in a single year,” Giczewski said.  “I’m looking forward to figuring out what region I’ll be traveling as well as the potential expansion project that I’ll be on starting a new chapter-maybe one or two.”

Giczewski has been a member of Pike since his freshman year at FSC, and he came into the fraternity not expecting to do much more than be a member and attend the chapter meetings. Early on, he began to take positions including Interfraternity Council (IFC) Delegate and Recruitment Chair. Giczewski began taking on more responsibility and learned that he could thrive with that responsibility. 

“Seeing out my plans come to life was something that changed me in a way that I am the person that I am now,” Giczewski said.   “I have the drive to keep doing things that aren’t necessarily necessary but help me grow and help others grow.”

Brandon will miss Pike at Florida Southern, but he looks forward to his future endeavors being a chapter consultant with the fraternity’s memorial headquarters. 


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