Photo courtesy of Kat Spencer

Abby McHenry

Junior Kat Spencer is a Target employee who loves to help others, and because of her workplace she will get to help at a new level.

Spencer is working on two different projects with Target at the moment. For one of her projects, Target offered to give the particular store Spencer works at a financial benefit in order to give back to philanthropy. The store applies for a grant and they can choose to put the money towards whatever cause they choose, with approval from headquarters.

Spencer said headquarters will send out volunteers to help set up for whatever event they decide to put on, help move things, and will send any supplies necessary such as cups or plates. If Spencer’s store wanted to donate makeup or clothing to domestic violence victims, HQ would assist with that as well.

Spencer said Target is a great company to work for and she is very proud to be an employee there. She is happy to be known as “the Target girl” by her peers.

“I think [enjoyment of working] is what separates Target from the other retail out there like Walmart, CVS and all of them,” Spencer said. “We give back to the community.”

Another philanthropic cause Spencer is working on is within the elementary education department. She chose to go on the Costa Rica Junior Journey trip over fall break with Dr. Bernardo G. Blanco. Spencer said Target will provide shoes, water, school supplies and other financial benefits for those in need on their trip.

“I want to cry every time I think about it because it just makes me so happy that I can do two things that I love,” Spencer said. “[I can] teach and work for Target and they both intermingle.”

Spencer said in Costa Rica, it is a sign of poverty if you do not have shoes and those who do not have them cannot go to school. She said when giving kids a lecture, they absorb some of the information, but if they cannot read the text and write the information down then they will not be able to learn the information. 

Spencer said she thinks this particular Junior Journey trip is one of the better trips, especially for her major. While she knows it is a vacation, she said she loves any opportunity she can do good for others. Spencer said it is more fulfilling to help a community than just take a vacation, but she still gets to travel the world.

“It’s just so cool that all of the pieces are [being put] into place,” Spencer said. “It all works together.” 



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