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Published on February 14th, 2017 | by John Cote


Students Address Campus Issues at Town Hall

Are you safe on campus? Why is tuition rising but scholarship money not? When will we see a change in the food options here on campus? These were just some of the questions asked and addressed at the town hall held by the Student Government Association.

Students voiced their concerns about various issues to the ‘higher-ups’ of FSC including President Anne Kerr, Provost Kyle Fedler and Dean of Student Development Bill Langston, to name a few. The topics varied from campus safety and parking passes to honors program flaws and the quality of guest services’ food. Some of the major topics will be discussed below.

Students get settled in and begin writing their questions for the senior administrators. Crawford believes that more students should take advantage of the direct access to senior-level administrators provided at Town Hall.


Campus safety was one of the most talked about questions due to the recent car break ins and thefts on Florida Southern’s Campus. Students asked what was being done to increase campus safety and are those responsible for the thefts being apprehended?

“We have given the information to the LPD (Lakeland Police Department) and they are looking into it,” Director of campus safety and security Bill Carew said.

New cameras have been put up along Harvard road as a response to the break-ins, and some trees were cut to give better lighting and vision. Carew also mentioned some new initiatives that include a LPD officer patrolling campus throughout the day and passing out fliers to inform students about car break-ins and what students can do about prevention.

Students were also concerned with parking tickets and their inconsistency. Carew assured the students that campus safety was told to be lenient and only give out tickets to cars that were parking in emergency spots (a fire lane or handicap spot) or to cars that were parked in the same spot illegally multiple times. Some students feel the parking violations are still unfair due to the lack of parking spots.

Students suggested increasing the cost of parking passes for freshmen or banning them from bringing cars all together to help with the lack of parking spots. Provost Fedler did not feel this was necessary and does not see either of those options as a solution.

Food Quality/Options

Campus food was another hot topic of discussion. Raible told students that the better quality food was already being served in Wynee’s Bistro and the guest services facilities, though the students didn’t seem to see much of a difference.

“I believe they did something to change the quality because he told us they did, but I have not been able to taste it yet,” student Tyler Hillier said.

Raible has been working on getting the students the foods they want to see, including vegetarian and gluten-free options.

“If you have any suggestions, please bring them to me and I will gladly work on putting them into the menu,” Raible said during Town Hall.

The SGA food planning committee has been in constant contact with Raible and has compiled all the suggestions students have, and what the progress is on those suggestions in a Google document for Raible and the students to view. Though progress has been made, there are still a few more changes students would like to see implemented into the menu.

Some other topics talked about during the town hall were diversity at the school, honors program perks, resident adviser compensation and tuition costs rising. To watch the most recent town hall visit SGA’s facebook page.


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