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Published on April 20th, 2017 | by Chris Settineri


Syria–a student perspective

The Middle East has always been in a state of unrest. With constant fighting and rapid regime changes, it is a place that is still developing and under a lot of pressure.

U.S. Military involvement has been a major factor in the region for many years. We have defended nations, invaded others, and overthrew dictatorships.

Since President Trump took office, we have taken even more military action in the region specifically in Syria and Afghanistan.

After reports of Syrian Dictator Bashir Al Assad using chemical weapons against his own people, the president ordered a strike on the airfield believed to have been used for the attack.

Sixty tomahawk missiles were fired on the base, destroying much of Syria’s air support.

In Afghanistan, Trump deployed the largest non-nuclear bomb that the U.S. has ever used. It is referred to as Massive Air Ordinance Burst (MOAB) or “Mother Of All Bombs”.

Our goal with all of these actions as it has been in the past is to make a statement that we will not back down or stand for the unethical and illegal treatment of any people in any region.

This does not mean that we can protect everyone, but that when a nation turns against its own people, we will be there as a beacon of hope.

Many students agree with this view.

“We need to try and be a force for good in the world,” Florida Southern student James Green said. “That does not mean that we need to be everyone’s nanny, trying to right every wrong, but it does mean that we need to be able to stand up for those who otherwise couldn’t. I think what Trump’s doing is right.”

Other students take a different stance on the action taken in the Middle East.

“We do need to do the right thing, but where is the line drawn? So much of what we are doing in the region is hurting more than it is helping,” Florida Southern junior Ashley Allen said. “We need to protect ourselves and protect other people but not at the expense of starting World War 3. There are certain foreign affairs that we should not get involved in.”

We do need to be careful to not get too involved in other countries affairs, especially when that means risking our own safety.

While we do need to look out for others around the world, it is not our job to police every country. We need to defend our way of life and protect our people.

Overall this means that often times we may end up in tough situations, but we need to act smart and fight the right battles.

With the new administration, we are taking actions that have not been seen since the days of World War 2.

Hopefully that is not the direction we are headed, but only time will tell.

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