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Taco Bus rolls into Downtown Lakeland


Audra Dick, Staff Writer


Now that the school year is back in full swing, there is a new school bus in the Downtown Lakeland area. Although it may look like a regular bus, this one doesn’t drop off students, it drops off tacos.

Tacos Bus recently opened its doors on Kentucky Ave. While they do have a bright yellow truck parked in front of their restaurant, you don’t have to wait on the street to get your food. In fact, the bright trademark parked outside of the restaurant is used mostly for catering and special events.

Many people have been waiting for the Taco Bus to hit Lakeland as there are already six other locations.

Katie Surrency, a Florida Gulf Coast University graduate, was very excited to have something that reminds her of the Tampa Bay area now in Lakeland.

“I’ve been to Taco Bus a few times,” Surrency said. “I’ve been to both locations in Tampa, have had Taco Bus catering for a work event and had them before at the Thursday food truck event in Lakeland. I went the day after they opened and ordered two types of nachos, queso and chips. There was fast service from friendly staff and the food was great.”

Surrency also said that she thinks it’ll be successful because it is nestled among Lakelander favorites such as Palace Pizza and Fresco’s.

“You have a group of very different types of restaurants in that row, each unique in their own way,” Surrency said. “I think Taco Bus will do just fine.”

Afton Lorenz, a Co-Starters Catapult graduate and life-long Lakeland resident said that the Taco bus will add a new spice to downtown Lakeland.

“They’re all very different, they each have their own advantages,” Lorenz said.

She also said that she was excited for the new business, as it is the first Mexican cuisine to find it’s home downtown.

“The more options the better it is for downtown Lakeland – it drives more traffic there,” Lorenz said. “I appreciate that they are bringing so much business to downtown. I also can appreciate the authenticity of the food. The a la carte options ensure that you always get just what you want.”

My favorites from the Taco Bus are the tostadas, which are great if you want something light and you’re not very hungry. On the other hand if you’re really hungry and want to have a food baby, the El Jefe – weighing 2.5 pounds – is right for you.

The El Jefe is really what put the Taco Bus on the map, and in our downtown backyard!

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