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Published on January 31st, 2017 | by Kyle Shatto


The Trump Effect on College Tuition

As America enters a new era of presidency there are a lot of changes that lie ahead. One of the major changes that President Trump has promised to bring is the repeal and replacement of Obamacare.

TrumpCollege students across the country are required to have some form of health insurance while they attend their respective university. Here at Florida Southern, most students chose to stay on their parents’ healthcare, but there is the option to get health insurance through the school.

With the removal of Obamacare, this could heavily affect the price of all the tuition and fees that go along with attending a private school like FSC.

“I think it is a scary time for students right now, many of us cannot afford the health care provided by the school,” Florida Southern College senior Hannah Joel said. “The Affordable Care Act gave us an additional option to make sure that we were covered.”

Florida Southern’s healthcare plan provides injury coverage along with partial protection from other expenses that can be involved in with a costly injury requiring hospital care, surgery or physicians services according to the school website.

This upcoming year the price of tuition and fees will be around $46,000 for the average Florida Southern student. With the chance that more students will have to go on the student health care, that could raise the price by an additional $3000 a year.

“Within the realm of admissions, cost has become an ever growing concern among students and families as college tuition costs continue to climb,” Florida Southern Admissions Counselor Kyle Scobee said. “By offering students the ability to waive the cost the of insurance that the college offers and allowing them to remain covered under a family plan, students can save thousands on their cost of attendance.”

Florida Southern is one of the cheaper private schools in the state of Florida, but with this additional cost it could make it harder for families that already struggle to pay tuition and fees.

“If the ACA is going to be completely repealed, then hopefully colleges will try to work with students to lower their insurance rates so that students can still afford health care costs,” Joel said.

All colleges do require health insurance for their students. With this added cost, prospective students have more to think about when they are making their college decision.



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