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Published on March 22nd, 2017 | by Morgan Swem


Tri Delta receiving housing on campus causes frustration

       Figuring out housing for Florida Southern College students has never been an easy feat. The easiest place to find housing on campus for many students has been the Greek suites.

       The Greek suites operate differently. Students do not have to deal with housing numbers or the long process of getting housing. Not having to go through the difficult and stressful housing registration makes the Greek suites a popular and smart choice for Greek affiliated students.

        “Greek chapters are in charge of filling their spaces,” Director of Community Living Laura Rychalsky said. “We work with chapters to know how many members they have and divvy out the suites to each chapter and then each group will do it just a little bit differently,” Rychalsky said.

       Though the Greek suites have acted as a safe-haven for students, new challenges are making getting housing in the suites harder. Florida Southern College recently added Tri Delta to its collection of sororities on campus. Rightfully so, members of Tri Delta now need housing of their own.

       Tri Delta has been given a chapter room on the first floor of the Alpha Omicron Pi and the Alpha Chi Omega house. According to Rychalsky, they will also receive the two suites next to their chapter room and one suite on the third floor.

       This means that both Alpha Chi Omega and Alpha Omicron Pi will be losing suites to give to Tri Delta. This has caused some problems for members looking to live in the suites and now can’t due to lack of room.

       Due to lower numbers, Alpha Omicron Pi has not been affected greatly, but the story is different for Alpha Chi Omega.

        “Unfortunately not everyone was able to get a spot in the house this year,” VP of Facilities Operations Sheryl Coe said. “We had to turn away eight members who were hoping to live in the house this year,” Coe said.

Not only is this inconvenient, but it has also caused problems with chapter bylaws. Oftentimes organizations’ headquarters and bylaws require members to live in the house for at least a year. Limiting suites makes it harder to ensure that each organization can meet those standards.

       According to Zeta Tau Alpha’s president Samantha Zimmerman, all executive board members are required to live in the house. It is a requirement that is in their bylaws.

       Though Zeta did not lose any suites, other organizations were not so lucky. Alpha Chi Omega has run into some problems trying to juggle meeting bylaw requirements and giving up one of their suites.

        “Our bylaws state that all members are required to live in the chapter for at least a year, so losing those six rooms make a little harder to ensure we can do that,” Coe said.

        Though giving Tri Delta suites was unexpected and inconvenient, it is something that is workable and fair. Tri Delta is now officially a member of the Panhellenic community on this campus and should be provided with the same privileges and rights that the other sororities on campus get.

        Giving them suites may have caused stressful situations, but it is something that is manageable.


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