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Published on April 12th, 2017 | by Kyle Shatto


Trump and Syria: Where are we now?

When he does the right thing, he can still face criticism. No matter how you view the bombing of Syria, people will still question President Trump.  We will question him as we have even more than past presidents, and we will still wonder what his intentions are. Do they fit into a “plan” or is this just the latest episode of his reality show?

This is the case with the attack on Syria. It was a “huge,” no pun intended, risk.

There was justification in ordering the missile strike. Four years ago there were advisers telling President Obama to do the same and he had much Democratic support. President Obama also received criticism for not attacking. There was fear in Congress that world leaders would see it as weakness, which is not a common thing for America.

The issue does not lie with President Trump attacking Syria–some think it was the right thing to do.

The criticism comes from his views on the issue in the past and what he has done in his first couple months as President.



Many news sources have cited his 2013 tweets and his heavy criticism for the “what could have been” attacks by President Obama on Syria. When Assad did similar attacks in 2013, Obama was supposed to do nothing, but when similar attacks happened last week, it was the will of America to give a response. Interesting.

The attacks give the American people more to criticize an already rocky start.

From the failed attempt to undo Obamacare to the astounding number of Trump’s associates with ties to Russia, this is another brick on the Jenga tower coming closer to falling down.

However, there is positive to the attack as well. It is nothing new for a President to use military action as a way of salvage. The compelling part this time is these attacks are at odds with Vladimir Putin and Russia, which shows strength in the Trump administration.

There has been an 180-degree flip in the media. We went from seeing another connection between Russia and Trump (plus all of the memes) to more focus on the looming tensions between the two nations.

There is no winner in the Syrian attacks. Most American people have chosen their side and made their opinion of Trump. There are takeaways though. Trump has shown that he is someone who is willing to adjust, learn and evolve since becoming President. But this week did also show us the tension in the administration between Steve Bannon and Jared Kushner. Leaving the question if Trump is uninformed on what is going on right in front of him.

However you view the attacks, we are here. They happened. What should be interesting is to see how we respond as a nation and watch to see what will be the next episode of the great new reality series that is the Trump presidency



What Now?

Moving Forward 

The Attack

Why did this happen?

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