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Published on April 25th, 2017 | by Kyle Shatto


World War Ahead

While most of the country and world go back and forth on President Trump’s decision to launch a missile attack on Syria after the chemical attack a few weeks ago, it is hard to disagree with him on a moral level after watching innocent people suffer.

The president felt moved into acting after seeing photos of innocent civilians taking their last breath. This attack was just another in a civil war that seems to have no end in the near future.

Trump had the best intentions. He wanted to punish the ones responsible for such a terrible crime against humanity. But we are in the dangerous game that is international politics.

We do not live in a world where it is “good guy vs. bad guy.” The good cannot just eliminate the “evil” in the world. This simplification of world views can only lead to disaster.

In an interview with Fox Business, President Trump spoke about the war on good versus evil. He stated how Putin and Russia are backing a person (Assad of Syria) that is evil and how it will be bad for Russia. Although President Trump has good intentions in his references to evil, that is not the way the entire world sees things.

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The actions taken by the president could lead to future ramifications if he were to strike again. Think about it, in his next strike, what if Russian personnel in the area that are killed by the attack. It could lead to a war that would stretch from the Baltics and Ukraine all the way through the Middle East. This war would involve world powers including Russia and China, who would not be on our side.  Most importantly, if you consider the nuclear power Washington D.C. and Moscow posses, this would not be a quick battle.

According to the Washington Post, this is not a far off possibility.

“A few thousand Russian military personnel are distributed across Syria’s key military bases. Moscow has also placed some of the world’s most sophisticated air defense systems in Syria, and Russian planes police Syrian skies. So an extensive U.S. campaign aimed at coercing Assad by targeting Syrian air bases and command-and-control facilities would run big risks of killing Russian troops on the ground,” Collin Kahl, former National Security Advisor to the Vice President, said.

We can consider the different scenarios that could take place. We don’t know which countries would get involved at first. We don’t know what is going to be the attack that sets off the other side. There are an unlimited amount of unknowns.

For most people, we aren’t left with a “will there be a world war” but more of a “when will it start?” Things can be fixed. No war is a good war, and things can be handled in a political way. That leads to the only remaining question of which world leader will step up and lead the charge to “make the world great again.”


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