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Celebrating 100 years in Lakeland

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Increase in traffic stops aims to educate students

The increase in traffic stops at intersections bordering the Florida Southern campus has yielded no increase in citations issued by college resource officers.

Student-run coffee cart to debut in Becker next month

Starting this October, students will be able to get their coffee fix at Becker’s Brew, FSC’s newest coffee cart. 

Student organizations lead convocation

For the first time in FSC history, Convocation was student-led with campus organizations sharing announcements regarding student life and events. 

Safety introduces campus drug dog to curb fentanyl threat

Fentanyl misuse has become an epidemic across the country and on college campuses over the past decade.

Wynee’s Bistro updates decor, meal plan and prices

In Wynee’s Bistro, also known as the cafeteria, recent renovations have transformed the Bistro into a brighter space with freshly painted white and red walls.