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Celebrating 100 years in Lakeland

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Business-oriented horticulture major to start next fall

A new horticulture major is coming to Florida Southern in the fall, which includes a few different courses and a curriculum that focuses on the business side of agriculture. 

Love’s first sight at FSC: From meeting to marriage

Emery Roth and graduate student Craig van den Berg did not expect to be on the same plane heading towards Atlanta from Florida Southern. Excited to see her Scholars Weekend crush, Roth “crawled over three rows of seats” to hand her phone to him to get his number.

FSC professor recounts adventures of Iranian pilots in new book

In a riveting exploration of human nature and diplomatic relationships, Florida Southern professor Dr. Anna Caney is in the process of writing a case study on Iranian pilots who trained in the United States before and during the Iranian Revolution. Titled “I Hope I Return One Day,” the book centers on the relationship between the U.S. and Iran during this pivotal period in history.


Valentine’s Day is for everyone

Is Valentine’s Day all what it is cracked up to be? Could one’s favorite holiday be another’s day of misery?

Residence Hall Association in early development

This fall, Community Living will be implementing the Resident Hall Association (RHA). This program will act separate from the Resident Advisor (RA) program and gives residents the opportunity to have a voice in decisions regarding residential communities.


Florida intervenes with Texas’ conflict against the nation

Growing tensions between Texas and federal authorities continue as neither have come to a consensus on how to proceed with the rise in migrant crossers at the U.S.-Mexico border. Conflict ensues as protests break out throughout Texas and Florida sends their own State Guard members out to intervene.

Andrew’s Coffee: On the road to brewing success

Lakeland’s alternative drive-through coffee shop has recently undergone some monumental changes. 

Theater program puts on Shakespeare’s ‘Hamlet’

While this play may not be familiar unless you've read it in your high school English class, there is a pretty famous line: “To be or not to be, that is the question.”  

Arts & Entertainment

Comedy ‘A Tuna Christmas’ takes stage at Fletcher Theatre-in-the-Round

The theatre department closed its second production of the year last weekend with a satire comedy.

Morgan Bruewer: Instilling entertainment and education through theatre

ad the option to send her into surgery to break her hips and put a metal rod in between them, or send her to ballet class. She chose to send her daughter to ballet class.

An ‘Unnecessary Farce’ takes the stage at Buckner

The theatre department’s first play of the year is “Unnecessary Farce,” which has just entered its second weekend of shows at Loca Lee Buckner Theatre.

SGA President Gretchen Faraci said the executive board is excited to see what the senators accomplish this year. A Senate Class Project is being introduced this year, and changes are to be made to the Senator Outreach Program, which connects senators with SGA-recognized organizations.


Mocs begin season at Alabama tournament

The women’s basketball team will be kicking off their season in Huntsville, Ala. on Nov. 10.

Softball looks to maximize on remaining conference matchups and improve record

William Battle, III Staff Writer At nearly three quarters of the way through their season, Florida Southern Softball has an overall record of 17-19, and they...