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Local businesses expand locations and partnerships


Mohammed Halemeh


The Omni Pop-Up Market pairs up with breweries around Tampa Bay to feature local artists, music, food and craft beer. 

Lakeland was lucky enough to host this Market at Swan Brewing Company on Nov. 16. Although the location was quite small, the vendors and organizations really made it work. Lined up around the streets edge were artists, artisans and a food truck, placed strategically to draw people in. 

Some people came to enjoy the live music and a cold craft beer, while others showed to support to vendors like Pin and Needle who made their own embroidery. 

The owner of Plants and Pampering sold hanging plants and cacti in pots which he hand-painted. He knew the names of every plant he was selling and seemed almost connected to them. Each Wednesday, Plants and Pampering sent out reminders to water your plants each week. 

Other vendors like Earth Child sold gems, sage and wired jewelry. This event was very successful as each and every person had a special glow to them as they laughed with friends or heard stories about the creations of the art around them. 

The Omni Pop-Up Market brought light to many small businesses in Lakeland, and if for only one night, brought the community closer. 


On Nov. 17, Black and Brew Coffee House and Bistro held the grand opening of its second location. 

The celebration officially started at 6 p.m., but the line began forming as early as 5 p.m. The anticipation was rising as Black & Brew announced that the first 100 customers in line would receive a goodie bag filled with pins, buttons, a free meal voucher and even a blondie bar.

The first 10 customers were even lucky enough to receive a stainless tumbler.  There was live music as soon as customers entered the doors of the new Black and Brew. 

 The new location is in a great spot to grab a coffee while you read a book in the Lakeland Public Library. This café has a modern look with tiled walls and plants of all shapes and sizes. The staff is very welcoming and evokes a home-like feeling as soon as you step foot into the building.

The owners were able to create such a similar atmosphere to the original Black and Brew with the same menu and warm, friendly smile.

The Black and Brew located downtown seems to always have a line winding out of the door, and the success of this second location can only be imagined, especially after seeing the flow of people in and out at their grand-opening celebration. 



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