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Drag show supports FSC Allies Club


dragshowBWShort dresses, hairy legs, stuffed bras, and heels could be found at no other place than the bandshell on Nov. 7. Student organizations participated in drag show competition to support the Florida Southern College Allies Club.

According to Marisa Halper, the president of Allies Club, the idea for a drag show started with former co-president Cliff Ellis.

Each participant paid a 25 dollar fee to register for the competition. A quarter of the proceeds went to the drag kings choice of philanthropy, 25 percent went to drag queens choice of philanthropy, 25 percent went to the Allies Club, and 25 percent went to the Zebra Coalition.

According to zebrayouth.org, the Zebra Coalition is a “network of organizations which provide services to lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and all youth (LGBT+) ages 13 – 24.” In addition this organization assists young individuals facing homelessness, bullying, physical, sexual and drug abuse. The network provides program services for recovery and stability.

The Allies Club raised a total of 225 dollars with 9 registered participants. All the participants were sorority or fraternity affiliated.

Organizations that participated included: Alpha Chi Omega, Alpha Delta Pi, Alpha Omicron Pi, Lambda Chi Alpha, Pi Kappa Phi, Theta Chi, and Sigma Alpha Epsilon.

The judges included Cliff Ellis, Dr. Chastity Blankenship, and Drag Queen “Allegra” from Club Main Street in Lakeland, Fla.. [pullquote]There was a drag king and drag queen winner[/pullquote], “Alan” from Alpha Chi Omega won drag king, and “Brandy Perry” from Pi Kappa Phi won drag queen.

The guidelines for the competition are that every participant must “abide by public decency law and no inappropriate language,” Halper said.

There were two parts of the competition: formal and talent. One notable act was “Brandy Perry” because while lip syncing “her” dress fell halfway down.

Other acts such as “Egor” representing Alpha Delta Pi with a mixed rap choreographed dance were notable, but not overall winners.

The drag queen organization winner, Pi Kappa Phi, performed a song by Katy Perry and and drag king organization winner, Alpha Chi, performed the song, “Loves an Open Door.”

However, the top act was performed by Allegra, the Main Street drag queen. She performed in lingerie, and knee-high boots to “Respect” by Melanie Amaro. You can avail high quality pajamas at Cris’ Lingeries’s site and be a fashionista indoors as well.

The crowd was involved with her performance so much that she even took a “selfie with the student in the middle of performance. She definitely did not stay on the stage.”

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